How to find magma cubes in Minecraft

Magma cube (Image via Minecraft)
Magma cube (Image via Minecraft)

In Minecraft, players can find a wide variety of monsters across different dimensions. While most hostile mobs have clear signs of their aggressive nature, a few might not look dangerous at first sight.

Magma cubes can feel friendly to players newly discovering them. But these squishy mobs can be extremely dangerous if ignored. Magma cubes are the hellish variant of slimes found in the Overworld.

They have the same behavior as slimes and thus show hostility towards players. By defeating them, players can obtain magma cubes. This article will help players locate magma cubes in Minecraft.

Magma cubes in Minecraft


Almost all warm creatures are the inhabitant of the Nether realm in Minecraft. Most players have likely come across slime in the Overworld. A magma cube is just like slime but dark red. Instead of slime balls, magma cubes drop magma balls.

There are four locations where magma cubes can spawn in Minecraft:

Nether wastes

What's your favorite #Minecraft 1.16 Nether biome? If it's Nether Wastes comment it.

Before the 1.16 update, the Nether realm was nothing but what is now called nether wastes. All nether mobs, including magma cubes, spawn in nether wastes.

But since all mobs spawn in these biomes, the chances of finding magma cubes are low. Magma cubes are uncommon mobs in nether wastes. They can spawn in groups of 1-4,

Nether fortresses

Nether fortress(Image via Minecraft)
Nether fortress(Image via Minecraft)

Nether fortresses are home to some of the most dangerous mobs in Minecraft, such as blazes and wither skeletons. Players can also find magma cubes spawning inside these long structures in groups of size 4.

Basalt deltas

The Basalt Deltas biome would look great on a postcard – assuming you’re sending a postcard to your cousin who’s also a lava monster.Learn all about these most basalt-y of deltas:↣

Basalt deltas is a biome dedicated to magma cubes in the Nether realm. Magma cubes have a high spinning rate in basalt deltas. Due to dangerous terrain in basalt deltas, magma cubes can be extremely dangerous.

Players have to be careful while exploring basalt deltas. Some magma cubes can jump on players and knock them in lava pockets.

Bastion remnants


Bastion remnants are the only structures where magma cube spawners can generate. Like other mob spawners, players can also use magma cube spawners to create automatic mob farms for magma balls.

To create magma cube farms, basalt deltas and bastion remnants with mob spawners are the best places Players can create massive magma cube farms on top of the bedrock ceiling in basalt delta biomes.

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