How to find wolves in Minecraft Hypixel Skyblock

Image via Mojang
Image via Mojang

One of Minecraft's most popular servers, Hypixel seems to have something for everyone, including Skyblock survivalists looking for an entertaining multiplayer experience.

For players new to Hypixel's Skyblock server, however, finding things and getting around can be somewhat confusing.

Although Hypixel's devs have worked hard to make their Skyblock experience as intuitive as possible for Minecraft players jumping into the server for the first time, they can't explain everything. With RPG elements thrown into the mix on top of Minecraft's expansive mechanics, Hypixel Skyblock adds another dimension to its server.

For players currently on Slayer Quests and searching for wolves, there is one location that is readily available to them.

Minecraft: What to expect in the Ruins

Image via Mojang
Image via Mojang

For Minecraft players looking to take down some wolves for their Slayer Quest, they should look no further than the Ruins on Hub Island.

Found west of the launch pad to The Park, the Ruins are chock full of hostile wolf mobs ready to take the player on. Additionally, the Ruins will spawn Old Wolves which are significantly stronger.

For players at the end of their Wolf Slayer questline, the Ruins will also be the spawning location of the deadly Sven Packmaster boss. Lastly, the Ruins house the Lonely Philosopher, who will sell Minecraft players travel scrolls to the Hub Castle for a price.

It's advised for players venturing to the Ruins to at least have mid-game armor equipped before they make their trip. Some great sets to take on the ruins include Golem Armor, Miner Armor, Hardened Diamond Armor, Fairy Armor (if players are searching out Fairy Souls), Armor of Growth, and Perfect Armor. This is especially important for players hoping to take down Old Wolves or Sven Packmaster.

Healing items are also advised, as sometimes the regenerative properties provided by mid-tier armor sets aren't always as fast for healing as needed. For players who have taken too much damage and need to recuperate, escaping the edge of the Ruins will turn hostile wolf mobs passive and they will stop pursuing the player.


Exceptionally lucky players gifted by the Random Number Generator responsible for loot drops may even receive a super rare hound pet from wolves and Old Wolves or even a Wolf Talisman from the Old Wolves as well. This talisman reduces damage taken by wolves by 5% and can be used along enchanted bones and a Weak Wolf catalyst to create the Wolf Ring, which doubles the damage resistance Minecraft players receive from wolf damage to 10%.

The items are incredibly difficult to obtain via farming wolves, but can be very helpful in the long run for slayers who acquire them.

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