How to fly with an elytra in Minecraft Java edition

(Image via gamepur)
(Image via gamepur)

Elytras in Minecraft are devices that players can use to travel around the map much faster than any other method in the game. Elytras are like a jetpack, but players do not need mods to get one.

Elytras can only be found in end cities in Minecraft. In order for players to access end cities, they will need to locate the stronghold, which can be done using 12 eyes of ender to activate the end portal and access the end.

Even after accessing the end, players will need to use ender pearls to get to the cities. Players will need to look for floating portal platforms around the end. Throwing an ender pearl inside these portals will teleport players to end cities.

Players will find the elytra hanging in an item frame on the wall of the treasure room in the end ship. Players will see chests inside these ships, and inside the room, there will be an elytra hanging on the wall behind them.

Players will need to fuel the elytra using fireworks in Minecraft. Fireworks allow players to fly greater distances before falling out of the air.

Players should make sure that they have enough fuel before taking flight with an elytra. It is an airborne item, and they can fall out of the air.

Elytras are available on all editions of Minecraft. In this article, players will learn how to fly with an elytra on the Java edition of Minecraft.

Steps to using an elytra in Minecraft (Java)


Getting the fuel

(Image via Minecraft)
(Image via Minecraft)

As mentioned above, it is crucial to have fuel for the elytra before taking flight. Players can get fireworks by finding them around the Minecraft world in lucky chests, or by crafting them.

Players will need one piece of paper, one gunpowder, and one firework star in order to make a firework. Players should make sure to craft a lot of these before flying because elytras tend to use lots of fuel.

How to open the wings

(Image via Sportskeeda)
(Image via Sportskeeda)

To put the elytra on, players will need to remove their chestplate if one is equipped and place the elytra in the chestplate slot. Players should definitely be more careful now, as they are vulnerable.

The elytra will not provide the player with any armor protection, and it just serves as a faster transportation method regardless of where it goes.

In the Java edition of Minecraft, players will need to press the spacebar to open the wings of the elytra. As long as the player has fireworks in their hotbar, the elytra will use these fireworks as fuel.

Players should be careful when using the elytra inside the end. Players can fall in the void and all of their weapons, armor, and gathered materials will be lost.