How to get arrows in Minecraft Skyblock

Image via Mojang
Image via Mojang

Bow users in Minecraft won't get far without ammunition, and while this is no different in the popular Skyblock survival maps, arrows don't come quite as easily as an ordinary world seed.

Arrows are still obtainable in many Minecraft Skyblock maps, but it typically takes a little extra legwork to get the necessary materials. Sticks and feathers can be easy enough to pull off via breaking down wood and trading villagers for eggs to get chickens, which can then be harvested for feathers.

Getting flint from gravel is a significant challenge, however, and will take a little extra effort. Fortunately, there is a way to get flint fairly simply on any Skyblock map that has access to villagers or The Nether.

Minecraft: Trading/Bartering for gravel to get flint

Image via Mojang
Image via Mojang

Since flint is gained in the most part from gravel, Minecraft players will want to stockpile some in order to mine it and have the chance to get flint from the blocks. There is a small chance (10%) that flint will drop from a mined block of gravel. Additionally, if players have already unlocked access to their villagers on their Skyblock map, they may want to attempt to find a Fletcher villager if possible, as they sometimes offer 10 flint for the price of 10 gravel and an Emerald.

That brings the topic back to gravel, and how to get enough to snag some flint either from mining or trading. For Skyblock players who have obtained access to The Nether, this shouldn't be too much of an issue.

Thanks to the nature of The Nether itself, after players have expanded their Nether area, Piglins should spawn accordingly as long as the light level stays low (11 or less in Minecraft: Java Edition and seven or under in Bedrock Edition). Once Piglins have spawned in a player's Nether, it's time to rack up some gold ingots for bartering.

By tossing the Piglins some gold ingots, they will return the favor with an assortment of Minecraft materials. It may take a few ingots, as the chance for a Piglin to give players gravel as a reward is ~8.71%, but when the Piglin does give it away it will come in bunches of 8-16 blocks.

This brings the ingots needed per item on average to a little around one but there's no guarantee that one will do the job, so it's best for players to bring plenty of gold for the Piglins.

Once players have their gravel, they can either place it and mine it repeatedly or potentially trade it with a fletcher in order to snag the flint needed. Once players have the flint necessary for arrows, all they need to do is place it in the top-center of the crafting grid, with sticks in the center and feathers in the bottom-center square.

Then the Minecraft player will have some new arrows for their bow or crossbow! It can be a little tricky, constantly mining or bartering with gravel, but nothing comes too easy in Skyblock.

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