How to get Emeralds in Minecraft Survival easily

Image via Mojang
Image via Mojang

Minecraft's currency of choice when trading with villagers and the Wandering Trader, Emeralds aren't an easy find in natural ore veins but can be quickly acquired by trading commodities to villagers.

Though villagers will take Emeralds to give out their goods, they also take in goods and provide Minecraft players with Emeralds. Since searching out Emerald ore underground and mining can be a time-consuming task, playing the markets within a village can be a much faster and simpler endeavor if players hope to get Emeralds in high volume.

Minecraft: Trading with villagers to get a high number of Emeralds

Image via Mojang
Image via Mojang

Since Minecraft villagers only restock their inventories twice per day, maximizing the Emeralds a player gets from the trades available is important. Certain villagers offer more trades than others, and these are the ones that should be focused on to maximize Emerald profits.

If these villagers are cured from being zombie villagers, their asking prices also drop, making them even more beneficial. Some of the best villagers to trade with are as follows:

  • Farmers - These villagers offer many trading options. The crops they ask for are almost always easily obtainable either by farming a player's own crops or simply using the ones that the farmer has already created. Melons and Pumpkins, in particular, tend to fetch a good price, and they are straightforward to grow.
  • Fletchers - Fletchers are willing to pay Emeralds for some of the easiest to acquire items in all of Minecraft. They primarily buy sticks, strings, and feathers to make bows and arrows. Sticks are one of the easiest resources to get, and just a few logs' worth of sticks can reap big rewards. When starting early in Survival Mode, trading sticks to a fletcher can bring in a good amount of Emeralds for little time invested.
  • Fishermen - For Minecraft players who have piled up plenty of string from killing spiders via mob farm or simply traveling, the fisherman would be glad to pay to take them off your hands. Additionally, the fisherman will buy most raw fish caught with a fishing rod, so be sure to stop by if one's inventory is light on Emeralds.
  • Clerics - Another Minecraft villager that converts easy-to-find materials into coins, clerics will trade Emeralds for rotten flesh dropped by zombies. Since Survival Mode has no shortage of zombies and they die fairly easily, collecting a ton of rotten flesh can actually be a useful endeavor. For players who have a mob farm, trading with clerics should be straightforward. Clerics will also purchase gold ingots, but that is more time and resource-consuming, and it is simply easier to hand over the rotten flesh. If players wish to use gold ingots to trade, they can stop by the Nether and barter with Piglins for a few goodies.
  • Toolsmiths - The primary trade to be done with Toolsmiths is to sell them iron ingots. Since iron is a much more plentiful ore during mining and players can also create incredibly fast and efficient iron farms, Toolsmiths can be a great source of Emerald income. The more recent updates to Minecraft, including the 1.17 Caves & Cliffs update, have only helped bolster iron's accessibility thanks to the ore being found considerably in mountain biomes.

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