How to get gravel in Minecraft Hypixel Skyblock

Image via Mojang
Image via Mojang

Hypixel Skyblock is a wildly popular Minecraft server, drawing in tons of players from all around the world.

For newer players, finding even common blocks can be somewhat confusing. Since Hypixel has added so much custom content, including RPG elements, things can be overwhelming for players used to vanilla Minecraft.

For those hunting down gravel for their own use, the good news is it's still available. If players aren't able to secure gravel through their private island, there are more than a few means of getting some in Hypixel Skyblock.

Minecraft: Different ways to get gravel in Hypixel Skyblock

Image via Mojang
Image via Mojang

Whether they need it to build, sell, or level up their Gravel Collection, players in Hypixel will likely need to find gravel at some point. Even though it's typically a common block in Minecraft, gravel can be a tough-to-find resource in vanilla Skyblock maps.

Hypixel had foreseen this and, like several other blocks, created a few extra sources of gravel within their game world.

The primary place to find gravel in Hypixel Skyblock is within the Spider's Den area, which is unlocked for Minecraft players who have reached Combat Level 1. There is a ravine stacked full of gravel near the coordinates -257, 70, -327.

Though this ravine is usually frequented by several players mining their own gravel, it is still one of the best places to snag gravel for free when starting out. However, players will want to be careful in the Spider's Den, as the location is full of hostile spiders that wouldn't mind attacking them at all.

At Gravel Collection Level 1, Minecraft players will also unlock the blueprint for the Gravel Minion. This minion is insanely helpful for those looking to get plenty of gravel and flint on their personal island. Players can craft the Gravel Minion using 80 gravel and a wooden shovel.

On the crafting grid, place 10 gravel in each window of the crafting grid except the central one, then place the wooden shovel in that center window. The Gravel Minion will travel around the player's island generating gravel and occasionally flint.

The minion will even continue its job while the player is logged out of the Minecraft server, meaning it can accrue tons of material even when no one is playing actively.

Lastly, if all else fails, Hypixel has its own player-run economy. Gravel can be purchased at the Bazaar for a few coins per piece, and can also be bought from the merchant Pat at the Spider's Den.

Hypixel also features an Auction House, and while prices for gravel can fluctuate, they tend to be pretty cheap at all times. If players don't want to bother with mining or minions, they can always drop a few coins to get what they need.

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