How to get iron in Minecraft Skyblock easily

Image via Mojang
Image via Mojang

Minecraft's Skyblock survival maps are challenging yet rewarding, but it can be unclear to newer players how to get the essentials they need to progress through the map's trials.


Iron, being one of Minecraft's most essential materials, isn't abundant for new Skyblock players. Finding it at can be a pain, and finding enough for necessary crafting can be even tougher.

Fortunately, there are easy solutions to help players start their iron stockpile off on the right foot. It will still take some work, but nothing in Minecraft's Skyblock is ever particularly easy.

Minecraft: Simpler ways to acquire iron

Image via Mojang
Image via Mojang

One of the easiest ways to acquire iron in Skyblock is through the use of a brewing stand, which will require a tough to find material, specifically a Blaze Rod. Blaze Rods are only available within The Nether, so players will have to traverse the dangerous landscape in order to find them.

Players will need to enter The Nether via a portal to find Blazes, kill them, and then collect their Blaze Rods. Only one is needed for a brewing stand fortunately, so Minecraft players in Skyblock won't have to spend in such a dangerous area for long.

Once players have their brewing stand, they can begin to make Splash Potions of Weakness and golden apples. By hitting a zombie villager with a Splash Potion of Weakness and then giving it a golden apple, it will be cured of its zombie sickness and become an ordinary villager.

After players cure at least two zombie villagers, they can form a village and begin to trade goods. Once trade is possible, it just becomes a matter of bartering for iron based on what the villagers are asking for from the player.

Breeding the villagers is also helpful, as they will present more opportunities to trade.

Another method, albeit a slower one, is simply to kill Witches. Witches will occasionally drop their potions upon death, and these potions can be used to help cure zombie villagers as well.

Additionally, if a player is feeling particularly daring, they can bait the Witch into throwing a potion and hitting a zombie villager, which can apply the same effect. Since this isn't exactly feasible in Minecraft's Skyblock maps, it isn't advised. However, it is an alternate way of doing things.

The ideal way to cure villagers is still to use the potions and golden apples via brewing stand, but it isn't always possible.

Once players have a decent amount of iron, they can even opt to create iron golems for the villagers that they have rescued and bred. Doing so will allow for a small-scale iron golem farm that should ensure the player has a steady supply of iron if they need it in the future.

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