How to get shulker boxes in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition

Shulker box (Image via Minecraft)
Shulker box (Image via Minecraft)

Shulkers are hostile mobs in Minecraft that players will not want to encounter unless they are prepared to battle! These mobs will stay secure and hidden in their shells until an entity walks by.

When the player gets near the shulker, it will unscrew the shell and pelt the player with white bullets! Shulker bullets do a decent amount of damage.

The bullets will even inflict players with the Levitation effect for ten seconds, causing them to take damage over a short period of time. It is recommended that players wear armor enchanted with blast protection before taking on a shulker.

Blast protection will provide players with a little more stability against shulker bullets, ensuring a better chance of survival. Since the shulker is more of a rare mob, it can provide players with a rare item.

The shulker box is a rare item in Minecraft that can only be obtained from shulkers. These boxes can come in all different colors including: pink, purple, blue, yellow, lime, etc. The real question is, how to get these rare boxes?

In this article, players will learn how to get Shulker boxes in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

What to do in order to get a Shulker box in Minecraft

What is a Shulker box?

Shulker shell (Image via Minecraft)
Shulker shell (Image via Minecraft)

Shulker boxes are small chest-like objects that players can use to store their items. The difference between this box and a chest is that unlike a chest, when shulker boxes are broken, the player's items will stay inside the box instead of falling out.

This box basically adds 27 additional spots to the players inventory (27 items can be stored inside the shulker box).

How to get a shulker box

Crafting a shulker box (Image via Minecraft)
Crafting a shulker box (Image via Minecraft)

In order to make shulker boxes in Minecraft, players will need to obtain shulker shells. These shells are dropped when a shulker is killed. It is not promised that a shell will drop every time, however, it is a common occurrence.

Players will need two shulker shells per box. Once they have obtained the two shells, players will need to combine them with one regular chest in the crafting menu. So the ingredients for a shulker box are: two shulker shells & one regular chest.

Shulkers are only located in Minecraft end cities. Players will not find a Shulker anywhere else besides the end. The region can be a dangerous place since the boss ender dragon mob will also be there.

Players should make sure they are prepared to fight the dragon before entering the end. It will spawn immediately whenever an entity enters the end for the first time. Once the dragon is killed, the player will be cleared to visit the end cities and take on the shulkers.

How to get to the end / end cities

End city (Image via Minecraft)
End city (Image via Minecraft)

To get to the end, players must first locate the stronghold. This is done by creating an ender eye (crafted from one ender pearl and blaze powder), throwing it down, then finding the place where the eye hovers.

Once the spot is found, the player should dig down directly under where the eye is hovering to find the stronghold. Once it is accessed, players will need to activate the end portal.

In order to activate it, players will need to place 12 ender eyes on each end portal frame. Once this is done, they can activate the portal and jump inside to enter the end.

Once the dragon is defeated, players can find end cities located all over the end's outer islands. In order to get to the cities, they will need to go through one of the gateway portals.

Players can also fly from city to city using an elytra, however this is extremely dangerous since they are hovering over the void.

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