How to get Soul Speed enchantment in Minecraft

A well set up enchanting table (Image via Minecraft)
A well set up enchanting table (Image via Minecraft)

Minecraft has a handful of enchantments that players can apply to their weapons, tools, armor and a few other items. They can enchant their items by using an enchanting table or an anvil. One of the best sources of enchantments in Minecraft is librarian villagers.

Even from the novice level, librarians can offer enchanted books with rare enchantments like Mending. Soul Speed is an enchantment that can only be applied to boots. It lets the player walk faster on soul sand or soul soil blocks.

How can players get the Soul Speed enchantment in Minecraft?


Soul Speed is a rare enchantment, and acquiring it is not easy. Players cannot obtain it by trading, fishing or using the enchanting table, because it is a treasure enchantment. There are only three ways of getting the Soul Speed enchantment: bartering, killing piglins and looting bastion remnants.

Killing piglins

A piglin taking damage (Image via Minecraft)
A piglin taking damage (Image via Minecraft)

Piglins are neutral mobs that spawn only in the Nether world. They do not attack players who are wearing a gold armor item. The chances are low, but piglins can spawn with Soul Speed enchanted golden boots. When killed by the player, there's an 8.5% chance of the piglin dropping the enchanted golden boots.

The chances of it dropping the boots with the Soul Speed enchantment can be increased by using a sword enchanted with Looting. Each level of Looting increases the probability by 1%.


A piglin inspecting a gold ingot (Image via Minecraft)
A piglin inspecting a gold ingot (Image via Minecraft)

Bartering is a feature very similar to trading, in which players trade gold ingots with piglins. They can do this by throwing the ingot at the piglin or by right-clicking on it. The piglin then inspects the ingot and gives an item in return.

The chances of players getting a Soul Speed enchanted book by bartering are approximately 1.09%. It can also give an iron boot that has Soul Speed, and the chances of this happening are around 1.74%.


A bastion in the game (Image via Minecraft)
A bastion in the game (Image via Minecraft)

Bastions are structures that can be found in the Nether as well. They are known for having good loot and lots of gold. From one of the chests that generates in this structure, players can get golden boots with the Soul Speed enchantment. The chances of the chest having it are 9.8%.

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