How to get villagers in Minecraft survival

Villagers artwork (Image via cubey on YouTube)
Villagers artwork (Image via cubey on YouTube)

Minecraft has many passive mobs that players can interact with, one of which are villagers. Players can find villagers in all biomes that have village structures naturally generated in them. These mobs serve a variety of purposes, and players primarily interact with them for trading.

Players can trade with villagers that have taken a profession from job site blocks such as composters, smokers, cartography tables, and brewing stands. A specific type of villager called a Nitwit can not take a profession and become a trader. Emeralds are the main trading currency in Minecraft.

Villagers can often become zombie villagers after being attacked by a zombie. Zombie villagers are hostile towards the player and can be cured by using a splash potion of weakness and a golden apple.

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How can players get villagers in Minecraft?



Like many passive mobs in Minecraft, villagers can also be bred by the player. The breeding process of villagers cannot be forced by players, but they can provide villagers with suitable conditions for breeding.

Manual breeding

To manually breed the villagers, players need to place at least three beds next to the two villagers and throw bread at them. Villagers will often breed depending on the number of beds placed next to them and how much two or more villagers are willing to breed.

Automatic breeder

Players can build automatic breeders that will keep helping villagers breed on their own. To maximize its efficiency, players need to build this at least 80 blocks away from any other village.

Automatic breeders require at least three villagers who will play their own roles. A farmer will collect crops and give them to the other two villagers to breed and create a baby villager.

Zombie villagers

If the player fails to find two villagers for breeding, they can always look for zombie villagers. Zombie villagers can be cured to get a normal villager, which will not only retain its profession, but also have cheaper trade offers.

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