How to install OptiFine for Minecraft

A stunning view of mountains and nature in Minecraft. (Image via
A stunning view of mountains and nature in Minecraft. (Image via

OptiFine is one of the best optimization mods for Minecraft Java Edition, which players can utilize to improve their FPS, textures, quality of life and gain access to new customization options.

Minecraft players who have never played the game with OptiFine before are in for a real treat. This mod greatly improves how Minecraft is able to run and has the ability to double a player's FPS and drastically reduce lag.

Furthermore, players gain access to plenty of new customization options, such as lighting, textures, animations, render distance, fog, chunk loading and all sorts of other overall visual improvements.

To enjoy all of these improvements while playing Minecraft, players are going to need to install OptiFine on their computer.

To eliminate any confusion and streamline the process, this article offers a step-by-step guide on how to download and use the OptiFine mod for Minecraft.

Disclaimer: This article focuses on the Java Edition of Minecraft and makes references that may become dated.

How to install OptiFine for Minecraft


Before players download OptiFine, they will first need to determine which version of Minecraft they would like to play on.

The latest version of Minecraft is currently 1.16.5, so players who would like to continue playing on that version will not need to take this extra step, so long as they already have the latest version installed.

However, those who want to enjoy an older version of Minecraft, such as 1.8.9, will need to go and install that version of the game from the Minecraft launcher.

Players can do this by going to the installations tab right at the top and then selecting their preferred version of Minecraft from the drop-down below.

Once players have their preferred version of Minecraft installed, they should log in and briefly play that version to make sure everything is installed correctly.

With that step out of the way, players can now focus on getting OptiFine installed. Players can download the mob by going to its official website, which can be found here.

Players will now need to select the version for OptiFine that correlates with the version of Minecraft that was selected by them. For example, players on the newest version will select the OptiFine for Minecraft 1.16.5 version.

Players will just need to press download for the right version and then press the skip button that will appear on the next screen. Players will then just need to press download one more time on the new screen.

The file that gets downloaded may be automatically blocked. Minecraft players should feel free to press keep. This download will not harm your computer, and this message was generated because OptiFine downloads as a jar file.

Minecraft players who have trouble opening this file will need to install Java on their computer.

Players will then just need to confirm that OptiFine is being downloaded to the proper folder for Minecraft on the screen that pops up for the OptiFine download itself.

After this step, Minecraft players can open up their launcher for the game. While on the launcher, players need to change the version that they are playing to OptiFine. This selection can be made to the left of the big green play button on the Minecraft launcher.

From there, players will just need to hit play and they will be able to enjoy Minecraft with OptiFine.

Minecraft players should note that they will need to re-download a new version of OptiFine every time that Minecraft receives a new release.

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