How to make glue in Minecraft: Education Edition

Chemistry is a huge part of Minecraft: Education Edition, and includes the creation of compounds as well (Image via Mojang).
Chemistry is a huge part of Minecraft: Education Edition, and includes the creation of compounds as well (Image via Mojang).

Minecraft: Education Edition allows players to learn about the wonders of science, specifically chemistry and the creation of compounds like soap, ammonia, and even glue, everybody's favorite adhesive.


Glue, also known as Cyanoacrylate or C5H5NO2 (the main component in many glues), can be made by using the compound creator block and combining the correct amount of elements together.

Minecraft: Creating glue in the compound creator

Chemistry, elemental compounds, and the things that make up the material world are a huge draw of Minecraft: Education Edition (Image via Mojang).

The compound creator's GUI may seem confusing at first, but it's actually rather simple. By placing elements obtained from blocks such as the element constructor or material reducer into the slots in the center, different compounds can be crafted and removed from the output slot on the right.

With that in mind, one might wonder about the correct elements for creating glue. If one goes back to the chemical formula for Cyanoacrylate, they have their answer. The formula C5H5NO2 details the exact elements needed in Minecraft: Education Edition to craft the sticky compound. This can be found broken down below:

  • 5 Carbon (C)
  • 5 Hydrogen (H)
  • 1 Nitrogen (N)
  • 2 Oxygen (O)

By combining these elements with the exact amounts into the compound creator, Minecraft players can create glue. At the moment, the compound doesn't have much use, but Education Edition is really about the process of combining these elements to reach the desired result.

By learning about things such as molecules, atoms, elements, and elemental compounds, Minecraft players can obtain useful scientific information that translates into the real world around us.

That isn't to say all compounds in Minecraft: Education Edition are without use, as players can use elements and compounds to create fun items such as balloons (Helium, latex, dyes, and a lead) or glow sticks (Polyethylene, Hydrogen Peroxide, dye, Luminol).

Players can even create ordinary Minecraft items in the compound creator such as charcoal (C7H4O), squid ink sacs (FeSO4), sugar (C6H12O6) or just plain old water (H20). In all, Minecraft: Education Edition possesses over 30 compounds for players to craft and experiment with.

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