How to make a healing potion in Minecraft

(Image via lifewire)
(Image via lifewire)
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In Minecraft, players can brew a healing potion or an "instant health" potion to regain some lost health.

The healing potion in Minecraft grants the player instant health immediately after it is consumed. It will add four points to the player's health bar, causing them to heal faster.

Players should be careful when using a healing potion around mobs. Healing potions regenerate health to players, but mobs are also healed by potions of healing and regeneration.

Players can create a potion of healing by using specific materials in the Minecraft world. They damage undead mobs if touched by them. So, if a player has no other counter for an undead mob, they can use a potion of healing to damage them.

In this article, players will be informed on all the materials needed in order to create a potion of healing in Minecraft!

What ingredients do players need to create a Minecraft potion of healing?


(Image via JayDeeMC on Youtube)
(Image via JayDeeMC on Youtube)

In order to make a potion of healing there are a few materials that players will need to locate first in order to create it. Below players will find all the materials that are needed in order to make a potion of healing in Minecraft.

Glass bottle (or water bottle)

(Image via Reddit)
(Image via Reddit)

Players will need an empty glass bottle to start crafting the potion. Glass bottles are what holds the potion and players cannot create the potion of healing without obtaining one first.

Players can find glass bottles by fishing, killing witches (they will drop upon death), or by crafting. Glass bottles can be crafted by placing three blocks of glass in the crafting menu.

Nether Wart

(Image via Sportskeeda)
(Image via Sportskeeda)

Players will need one Nether wart for the potion of healing in Minecraft. Players will have to go to the Nether, because it is a plant that grows only in the Nether.

Players will find Nether warts growing on soul sand or inside of Nether fortresses. Nether warts have three growth stages. When it gets to its final stage of growth, players can then harvest it to obtain two - four Nether warts.

Glistering Melon

(Image via Minecraft360 Fandom)
(Image via Minecraft360 Fandom)

The last ingredient that players will need to create this potion is a glistering melon. The glistering melon is an inedible item that players can only use to create potions.

Players will need to craft this item using one watermelon and eight golden nuggets. After combining all of the ingredients to create the glistering melon, players will not be able to eat the watermelon. It will become inedible, and players will only be able to use it for crafting potions.

Brewing stand

(Image via Tech Info Diaries)
(Image via Tech Info Diaries)

Players will need a brewing stand to mix all the ingredients together and create the potion. A brewing stand is like the crafting menu for potions. Minecraft players can find a brewing stand in villages or craft one on their own.

Brewing stands can be crafted using one blaze rod and three blocks of cobblestone. Players will need to open the brewing stand and place the items inside of it to get the potion going.

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