How to make a stonecutter in Minecraft

(Image via Minecraft) (Image via Minecraft station)
(Image via Minecraft) (Image via Minecraft station)

A stonecutter in Minecraft can be used to craft stone blocks into smaller quantities or be used as an alternative to a crafting table. Stonecutters only require one item when crafting other items made of stone. For example, one block of cobblestone can make stone stairs instead of multiple blocks.

Stonecutters can be commonly found inside villages. Players can find them inside village houses, and they spawn in Mason's house. This house is typically larger than the other village houses and players can usually see the mason roaming around near it.

Stonecutters allow players to make things such as; Stone slabs, Stairs, Bricks, Stone brick slabs, Stone brick stairs, Stone brick walls, and chiseled stone bricks.

This tool allows players to skip multiple steps that can’t be skipped using a crafting table. For example, a stone block can be directly turned into chiseled stone bricks.

Using a crafting table, players would need to craft the stone brick slabs first, then turn them into chiseled bricks. With the stone cutter, players will only need to use a regular block of stone in order to craft the chiseled blocks, so basically the stone cutter makes like a shortcut.

In this article, players will learn how to create a stone cutter in Mineraft, and where to find the needed materials.

How to craft a Minecraft stonecutter

What Players will need:

(Image via Reddit)
(Image via Reddit)

In order to craft a stonecutter, players will of course need stone, and the other ingredient is iron. Players can easily find both of these materials around the Minecraft world.

CobbleStone can easily be found in caves, ravines, villages, and even sometimes on the ground while the player is walking. Cobblestone can be found in about any elevation, and it is very common to find in Minecraft. Players can mine about 5 blocks down into the dirt and most likely hit stone.

Players will need to turn the cobble stone into regular stone blocks. To do this, the player needs to smelt the cobble stone inside a furnace. Players need to put the cobblestone block top, and the fuel in the bottom.

Iron Ingots are the second ingredient that players will need to create a stonecutter. Players can find iron very easily in caves, ravines, and ingots can even be found inside of chests in Minecraft villages. Iron can be found anywhere from bedrock to sea level.

Players will need to smelt the iron inside of a furnace just like the cobblestone. This will turn the iron ore into iron ingots. The player will need to put the iron ore on the top of the furnace and fuel on the bottom.

How to Craft the stone cutter on a crafting table:

(Image via Minecraft station)
(Image via Minecraft station)

Players can craft the stone cutter by opening the crafting table to the 3x3 crafting grid. Players will need to place three stone blocks across the bottom row of the grind, with one iron ingot in the middle of the grid.

The finishing product will be on the right side for players to move into their inventory.

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