How to make a working kitchen in Minecraft

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft
Modified 11 Mar 2021

With Minecraft building becoming more and more popular, many players are wondering how to build one of the most common rooms of the house: a kitchen.

There are several factors that go into building in Minecraft; many blocks are used for decoration, particle effects, and more.

While it is possible to make blocks appear to be functioning, it is not possible to make truly functioning kitchen utensils in Minecraft.

Players cannot build an oven that truly cooks bread in Minecraft, but they can build an oven that appears to be steaming and cooking food. Building kitchens in Minecraft is purely for aesthetics.

Making a working kitchen in Minecraft

Building a refrigerator

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

This refrigerator has doors that swing open whenever players hit the buttons, and once the doors swing open, food will also be dispensed for the player. The materials required to build this refrigerator include:

  • Two iron doors
  • Two buttons
  • Two dispensers
  • Two iron blocks

Players should put two hoppers on the ground, with two iron blocks on top and with buttons on the side of the iron blocks. Iron doors are then put in front of the iron blocks and dispensers. If players wish, they can load the dispenser with food. So when the button is pressed, the doors will open, and food will be dispensed.

Building an oven

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Building an oven is a bit more complicated than the refrigerator, but it is still possible. The materials required to build this oven include:

  • Two minecarts with a chest
  • Two rails
  • Two quartz blocks
  • Two pistons
  • Two redstone blocks

Players will need to place two regular rails down, then two minecarts with a chest upon the rails. Once the minecarts are placed, carefully break the rails beneath them without moving the carts.

Next, take two quartz blocks and place them in front of the carts. Once the quartz blocks are placed, set two pistons with the wood facing the quartz next to the quartz.

Put redstone blocks next to the pistons to activate them, and the pistons will push the quartz into the carts. Once the quartz is pushed in, the pistons and redstone can be broken.

Published 11 Mar 2021
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