How to make a world border in Minecraft Education Edition

Border blocks can set up a border (Image via Mojang)
Border blocks can set up a border (Image via Mojang)

In Minecraft, there used to be a few different types of worlds, including Infinite, Flat, Old and others that were available through Java Edition. The first three were readily available to players and it was easy to acquire them.

Unfortunately, Old is no longer an option. It used to be effective in limiting the area in which anything could spawn. Furthermore, it was great for Hunger Games and other types of maps that needed a limited amount of space to work.

Now, instead of the world just ending, players have to find a way to outline it. World border is a way to do that, and here's how one can build it on Minecraft Education Edition.

Minecraft Education Edition: Two ways to set up a world border

Minecraft Education is unlike other versions of the game. It has almost everything that the other two versions have, along with multiple unique features. While Bedrock and Java Edition are different but mostly alike, Education Edition is quite special.


It exists in Creative, not Survival and since elements can't really be gathered naturally, the Creative menu is essential for a lot of the gameplay. As a result, Education Edition worlds can activate commands without jeopardizing achievements.

The first way to set up a world border is to use the commands. Players must set up the center of the border. In this endeavor, this command will serve the purpose: /worldborder center <X> <Z>, where X and Z are the corresponding coordinates.

If successful, the Minecraft in-game chat will read a message stating that the world border was set.


The second step is to determine the size of the border with this Minecraft command: /worldborder set <size>, with size being a number of blocks.

To effectively do this, it's best to set a lengthy world border. The commands can be used to replace the structure, so if it's too big or small, then it can always be adjusted later.

This can be done in any world, though the use of commands disables achievements in the standard Survival world. It is the best alternative since there is no Old world setting anymore.

There is a secondary option, too, but it's much more tedious. In Minecraft, there is a border block, which cannot be penetrated by anyone or anything.

They cannot be gone over, under or walked through. In Education Edition, these border blocks can be obtained through the Creative menu, which makes them fairly easy to obtain.

A world border can be created (Image via Mojang)
A world border can be created (Image via Mojang)

In Bedrock or Java Edition, the command is: /give @p border_block 1 0.

Once they're obtained, players can go around placing them in the format they want. If they want a giant square border, they can place the blocks down in square fashion and no one will be able to escape the new boundary.

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