How to play Minecraft Classic for free: Guide and tips

(image credits: crazy games)
(image credits: crazy games)

Minecraft has gone on to become one of the biggest cultural phenomenons and transcended the boundaries of gaming to even become a useful tool for Education. The journey of Minecraft from a fledgeling indie game with rudimentary graphics to the industry juggernaut of today is a testament to the fact that good gameplay will trump everything else.

Minecraft occupies a certain rarified air in the gaming community as only a handful of games get to enjoy this kind of success. As a celebration of their 10th Anniversary, Mojang released a version to Minecraft that can be played for free.

The version of the game can be played on browsers; thus, it does not require a download or installation. Minecraft Classic is the initial build of the game, all bugs and glitches intact.

How to play Minecraft Classic?

To play the game, simply visit Minecraft Classic website, link here, and create a username to start playing the game.


1) Minecraft Classic is best enjoyed with friends as there is not much you can do in the way of actual progression.

Copy this link to share with friends
Copy this link to share with friends

2) To invite friends, copy the link that is shown on the home screen and send it to your friends.

3) The game has not received any of the later updates. Therefore, it is riddled with all sorts of bugs and glitches. This should just provide a casual game with friends and not the best experience playing solo.

Once players are logged in and playing the game, they can generate new levels by simply pressing Esc, and entering the Pause Menu and then select "Generate New Level".

Players can pick the size of the level and even have the option to tweak some settings of the game from the Pause Menu (Esc).

Minecraft Classic
Minecraft Classic
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