How to set world spawns in Minecraft

Use commands to set world spawns (Image via NOPEname/Youtube)
Use commands to set world spawns (Image via NOPEname/Youtube)

A Minecraft world's spawn point is typically set when the world is first generated, but that doesn't mean it has to stay that way.

By using the right commands, Minecraft players can set their own personal spawn point (outside of a bed) and the global spawn point for all players who join the world.


Global world spawns, in particular, are very helpful for multiplayer servers and LAN worlds, ensuring that all players begin at a set spawn point. It manages to help server admins impose a little bit of control on the chaos that a multiplayer server can provide, at least as players enter the world in the beginning.

Minecraft: What command sets world spawns?

Minecraft players who need to set their world spawn in the vanilla build of the game will need to ensure that they can enter cheats and commands first. This can be enabled in single-player worlds during world creation or otherwise activated by opening the single-player world to LAN.

Players can set world spawns with one command (Image via Mojang)
Players can set world spawns with one command (Image via Mojang)

For multiplayer servers, administrators and players with operator (OP) privileges should be able to enter commands by default.

If a certain player needs these privileges, they may need to interact with an administrator or OP to receive their own ability to input commands. Though on larger servers, this can prove to be either difficult or not possible at all.

Setting a world spawn

  1. Once Minecraft players can enter commands, they can do so by pressing enter or otherwise opening their chat menu.
  2. Enter /setworld spawn but don't press enter quite yet. After typing the initial command, Minecraft should present the ability to include specific coordinates if players would like to set their world spawn at a location that isn't where they're currently standing.
  3. In Minecraft: Java Edition, the syntax for the full command is "/setworldspawn <pos> <angle>", where players can enter the desired XYZ coordinates in the <pos> placeholder and an angle for the player to be facing when they spawn in. Common angles include -180 (north), -90 (east), 0 (south), and 90 (west).
  4. For Bedrock Edition, the format of the command is "/setworldspawn [spawnpoint: x, y, z]. This operates similar to the Java Edition format, although players need to use brackets and the "spawnpoint" tag to identify what XYZ coordinates they'll want to utilize.
  5. If players want to set their world spawn at their current location, they can enter /setworldspawn instead, which will use their current coordinates and facing to set the world spawn for all players who enter the game world at a later date.

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