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How to get Podzol in Minecraft

(Image via Minecraft wiki)
(Image via Minecraft wiki)
Modified 31 Mar 2021

Dirt in Minecraft is probably the easiest block that players will find. Dirt is literally almost everywhere in Minecraft, and most biomes have at least one block of dirt in them. One thing some players may not know is that there is more than one type of dirt in Minecraft.

Players will find that there are multiple types of Minecraft dirt such as coarse dirt, mycelium, regular dirt, and a very rare dirt called pozdol. Pozdol is a rare dirt block in Minecraft that players will not come across in most biomes.

Pozdol is a special type of dirt block because although mushrooms and flowers can grow on it, grass cannot be spread onto this dirt block. Pozdol is a special block because no matter the light level, mushrooms can be placed on pozdol.

Pozdol is a little easier to spot out than the other dirts in Minecraft. This dirt block has orange and green blocks blended into them which makes it easier to spot out than the generic fully brown dirt.

In this article players will be informed on how to get pozdol and where it can be found!

Where can Pozdol be found in Minecraft

(Image via Minecraft)
(Image via Minecraft)

Pozdol is a specific type of dirt that is found inside of the mega taiga biome. Pozdol can also be found in bamboo jungles. Neither mycelium nor grass can spread to Pozdol blocks.

Players may also find pozdol around the map if they are lucky! Players can find pozdol by trading with wandering traders. Wandering traders are passive mobs that roam around everywhere in the Minecraft world awaiting a trade.


Players may also obtain pozdol from killing an enderman. Sometimes when endermen are roaming around the world, they can be seen with a dirt block in their hand. Sometimes this block can be pozdol. If the player kills the enderman with this block in hand, the enderman will drop the pozdol on the ground thus leaving it for the player to pick up.

How to mine Pozdol

(Image via Forum)
(Image via Forum)

Although pozdol may just seem like a regular block of dirt, it cannot be mined like one. Players cannot just spawn in a world and be able to mine Pozdol. Players will need to gain a few experience levels and a good tool first.

In order for players to mine pozdol, players should use a tool enchanted with silk touch or else the block will just drop as a regular block of dirt. Silk touch is an enchantment that players must obtain off an enchantment table.

Players can make an enchantment table out of two diamonds, four obsidian and one book. So basically, players will need to do a little mining before going out to mine for Pozdal. Players can use either a shovel, pickaxe, or ax to mine Pozdol.


If players are having a hard time finding the materials needed to create an enchanting table, it is possible that all of the resources needed can be found inside of a village, but it is unlikely.

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Published 31 Mar 2021, 23:57 IST
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