Top 5 ways to get bamboo in Minecraft

(image via Minecraft)
(image via Minecraft)
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Bamboo is a plant in Minecraft that can be used for numerous reasons. Although bamboo isn't as effective as other items, bamboo can still be resourceful to players within the Minecraft world.

Bamboo can be used in Minecraft to smelt items, cook items in furnaces, craft items, and breed pandas! Some players may not have known that pandas exist in the Minecraft world, as it is very rare to come across.

Pandas in Minecraft are a very rare mob that has a low chance of spawning. When they spawn, pandas usually spawn in pairs of 1 or 2 in jungle biomes. Pandas can be bred using bamboo, and are a neutral mob in Minecraft. They only attack when attacked.

This article will inform players on the top 5 ways to get bamboo in Minecraft!

How to get bamboo in Minecraft


(Image via Pinterest)
(Image via Pinterest)

Bamboo can be found naturally growing in the Jungle biome. The trick with this is that bamboo jungle hill biomes are very rare. Sometimes players can enter a random seed and one may not spawn at all.

Jungles usually spawn next to the Taiga biome or near extreme hill biomes. Players will be able to spot jungles easier due to the swinging vines and enlarged trees.

Jungles can sometimes spawn next to desert biomes.


(Image via gamepedia)
(Image via gamepedia)

Another way that players can get bamboo in Minecraft is by fishing for it. Players may come across a few sticks of bamboo as a "junk item" by fishing inside of the jungle biome.

In order for players to fish, the player will need to create a fishing rod. Players may create a fishing rod out of opening the crafting box to the 3x3 crafting grid, then placing three sticks and two strings in the grid.

Players can fish anyway they like. Players may fish on a boat, standing in the water, or outside of the water. Players will need to cast their fishing line into the water, wait for something to get attached to it, then reel it back in.


(Image via Minecraft)
(Image via Minecraft)

As stated in the introduction, pandas are a rare mob in Minecraft. Pandas are found inside the Jungle biome in Minecraft, and players will just have to get really lucky with one spawning.

When pandas are killed, they drop 1-2 pieces of bamboo on the ground for the player to collect. Pandas can also be bred using bamboo.

Jungle Temple Chests

(Image via Minecraft seeds)
(Image via Minecraft seeds)

Bamboo can also be found inside chests inside Jungle Temples. Jungle Temples are stone buildings that are located inside of Jungle Biomes. These temples naturally spawn, and are mostly made of mossy cobblestone and cobblestone.

Inside of these temples include chests. Inside these chests players can find 1-3 sticks of bamboo and other useful resources.


(Image via Sportskeeda)
(Image via Sportskeeda)

It is not very common, but it is possible for bamboo to be found inside of shipwrecks around the Minecraft world.

Shipwrecks are in randomly located places around the Minecraft world, and they contain chests. Players can find many cool and useful items inside. One of these items is bamboo.

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