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How to make an Item Frame in Minecraft

Item frames are a simple recipe in Minecraft. They only require sticks and leather to make. These frames can help you sort your chests, mark rooms, hide lights, and even be used as a trigger to open a secret door. You can also place maps in an item frame which allows you to make a map wall, table, or ceiling. Item frames are very versatile in Minecraft and can be placed just about anywhere.

Required Materials for Item Frame in Minecraft

- Eight Sticks

- One Leather

- Crafting Table

To make an item frame you only need eight sticks. Chop down some wood with your hand or axe and turn those logs into planks and those planks into sticks.

You will also need one leather. Hunt down some cows until you get the leather to drop.

To craft an item frame you will need the 3x3 crafting menu of a crafting table.

How to make Item Frame in Minecraft

First find some cows to get leather. Cows will spawn in daytime, commonly in grassland biomes

Grassland Biome Minecraft

Leather is a relatively common drop, you should have no trouble getting leather if there are some cows that spawn nearby. Next chop down some trees.

Chopping Down trees in Minecraft


With your wood gathered and your leather ready you can make an item frame. First turn your logs into wooden planks. Then make some sticks.

Crafting a Stick

Go to your crafting table, place a piece of leather in the middle and surround it with sticks to make an item frame.

Crafting an Item Frame


That’s it! Item frames are a simple and cheap recipe that familiarizing yourself with can help you decorate and sort your home.

Did you know that you can use a redstone comparator and an item frame to send out redstone pulses? This makes it so you can turn an item in a frame to turn on lights, activate pistons and open doors.

Just place an item frame on a block.

Placing an item frame on a block in Minecraft

Place a comparator behind it with the two torches facing the block. Connect it to a lamp or door and spin the item frame.

Placing a comparator behind the item frame

The comparator will check the state of the item frame and send out a pulse depending on where the item frame is spun to.

You may have known you can place item frames on the walls but did you know you can also place them on floors or ceilings?

Placing the item frame block on the ceilings



How to make item frames invisible

You cannot craft an invisible item frame. There is a command which allows you to give players an item frame that is invisible when placed. /give @p item_frame 1 {EntityTag:{Invisible:1b}}

This command seems to only work on java as the bedrock edition does not have a built in way to change entity tags.

How to put item frames on chest

Hold the item frame in your hand and hold sneak. Right click on the chest you want to place the item frame on. That will place the item frame without opening the chest.



Item frames are useful for marking chests, labeling rooms, and you can even find tricky ways to use item frames. They are not just a decorative piece but have many uses that can help you approach certain builds. I like to think that spinning an item frame to open a hidden door is the equivalent of when movies use special effects. Such as when a character will pull a book to unveil a secret passage. Item frames have a lot of uses and Minecraft gives you an opportunity to get creative with them.

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