How to use turtle eggs in Minecraft

Turtle eggs (Image via Minecraft)
Turtle eggs (Image via Minecraft)
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In 2018, Mojang released 'Update Aquatic' to rework the oceans and seas of Minecraft. The 1.13 update added many new ocean biomes, blocks, items, and mobs.

Turtles were one of the most iconic mobs of Update Aquatic. These slow, peaceful mobs are found resting and swimming in beach biomes. Turtles are non-tameable mobs and can only be bred.

Players can breed two turtles by feeding them seagrass in Minecraft. After breeding, one turtle will travel to its home island and lay eggs. One turtle can lay 1-4 eggs at a time. Players can obtain turtle eggs only by breaking them with a Silk Touch pickaxe. Here's a look at a few uses for turtle eggs in Minecraft.

Uses of turtle eggs in Minecraft

Getting more turtles

Baby turtles and turtle eggs (Image via Minecraft)
Baby turtles and turtle eggs (Image via Minecraft)

Unlike most other animals, turtles do not spawn babies right after breeding. Much like real life, turtles lay eggs, bury them in the sand and leave. Turtle eggs are fragile items, which can break if a mob or player stands on them.

Many hostile mobs are also attracted towards turtle eggs in Minecraft. Due to this, if turtle eggs aren't kept in protection, hostile mobs like zombies might break them. Even after the eggs are hatched, baby turtles are still targeted by monsters.

Players should make enclosures to keep turtle eggs safe. On average, turtle eggs take 4-5 days to hatch. Players can release turtles once they have become adults.



Scutes are an exclusive item that can only be obtained from turtles. When a baby turtle egg grows into an adult, it drops one scute. Using scutes, players can craft turtle shells and then brew Potions of Turtle Master.

Turtle shells are exotic-looking helmets in Minecraft. Players can craft turtle shells using five scutes. To make one helmet, players will have to grow five baby turtles into adults. Turtle shells grant Water Breathing status effects for an extra 10 seconds, making them an excellent choice for ocean exploration.

Turtle shells are also used for brewing Potions of Turtle Master. It is the only potion with dual effects. A Potion of Turtle Master applies Slowness IV for 20 seconds and Resistance III for 30 seconds.

Attracting hostile mobs


Zombies and their other variants are attracted to turtle eggs. These mobs try to trample the turtle eggs by jumping on them. Players can use their natural behavior to create mob farms. For example, turtle eggs are used in gold farms to lure zombie piglins into a trap.

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