Iron Golem vs Enderman in Minecraft: How different are the two mobs?

Image via Deviantart
Image via Deviantart
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In Minecraft, Iron Golems are the protectors of villagers, whereas Endermen are habitants of the End realm. Even though Endermen live in the End dimension, they can be found in the Overworld and the Nether.

Iron Golems are one of the few mobs that players can create in Minecraft. These strong mobs protect players and villagers from all sorts of hostile enemies, and sometimes, even passive ones.

Endermen mind their own business as long as a player doesn't look in its eyes.

Apart from being tall and having long hands, Endermen and Iron Golems have many differences in Minecraft.

Iron Golem vs. Enderman in Minecraft

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Iron Golem vs. Enderman: Difference in health points

Iron Golem has one of the highest hit-points in the game. One Golem has 100 health points, that is, 50 hearts, whereas an Enderman has 40 health points, 20 hearts.

A Minecraft player has only ten hearts in the game. Clearly, it is an uphill battle for the player. The Iron Golem is usually chosen as a protector by villagers because of its high durability and attack strength.

Iron Golem vs. Enderman: Difference in Attacking strength

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Iron Golem and Enderman deal some of the highest damage in the game. Both of these mobs use melee attacks against their opponents, but the main difference lies in their strength.

An Iron Golem attacks opponents by moving its long hands quickly and throwing them into the air. The melee attacks are powerful. An Iron Golem can deal 11.25 to 32.25 damage points or 5.5 to 16.5 heart damage on hard difficulty.

Iron Golem can throw a few strong attacks on lower difficulty as well. On easy mode, the Golem can cause 7.5 to 21.5 damage points (3.75 to 10.75 heart damage), whereas it can deal 4.75 to 11.75 damage points (2.3 to 5.8 hearts damage).

Every beginner player has provoked Endermen by mistake. Once provoked, Endermen will teleport behind the player's back and attack. They deal the following damage at easy, normal, and hard levels:

  • Easy: 4.75 health points
  • Normal: 7 health points
  • Hard: 10.5 health points

Provoking Iron Golem and Enderman

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Both of these mobs are easy to provoke in Minecraft. If a player hits a villager, the nearby Iron Golem will start attacking the player. If a player's popularity is below -15, any naturally spawned Golem will become hostile.

If a player looks at an Enderman's top half of the body, it will become angry and start attacking the player. This can be prevented by wearing a carved pumpkin.

Like most mobs, players can also provoke Iron Golems and Endermen by attacking them.

Iron Golem vs. Enderman: Who wins the fight?


Many players already know that the Iron Golem is the winner. There is no way an Enderman can beat the Golems in a battle unless they are many to one. YouTuber "stormfrenzy" organized a fierce battle between Iron Golems and Endermen to test the theory.

Endermen have a higher DPS than Golems in Minecraft. Due to their high number, Endermen were able to beat Iron Golems in stormfrenzy's battle video. But in a 1v1 situation, the Iron Golem would win.

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