Mangrove swamps in Minecraft The Wild Update: Everything we know so far

Concept art for swamps (Image via Mojang)
Concept art for swamps (Image via Mojang)

Mojang revealed the next major update - The Wild Update - at Minecraft Live 2021. Even though Caves and Cliffs Part 2 is still in development, developers wanted to bring some highly anticipated features with update 1.19.

One of the most anticipated features of Caves and Cliffs Part 2, deep dark caves, has been moved to Minecraft 1.19. While there is no expected launch date for The Wild Update, fans can expect it at some point in 2022.

Along with deep dark caves, Mojang is adding new mobs, blocks, mangrove trees, and more. Swamp biomes are getting a significant overhaul with the addition of a new variant called mangrove swamps.

Mangrove swamps are part of Minecraft 1.18


Swamp revamp unveiled at Minecraft Live 2021 caught many by surprise since the swamp ranked second in the 2019 biome vote. Nonetheless, this is excellent news for the community as Mojang considers non-winners from the voted-on list.

The Wild Update will entirely change the look of current swamps and introduce a new biome variant - a mangrove swamp.

Mangrove swamps

But where can I root out these newest of trees, we hear you cry!? In our newest of biomes, of course, the Mangrove Swamp!↣

Mangrove swamps are Minecraft biomes consisting of mangrove trees. Players will only find mangrove trees in these swamps. With the new tree, players are getting access to new wood and leaves. Mangrove trees are made of mangrove logs. Like regular oak trees in swamps, mangrove trees also have long vines growing from their leaves.

As shown during Minecraft Live 2021, mangrove trees also have propagules like real-life mangrove trees. Unlike other overworld trees, mangroves won't grow from saplings. Instead, players will have to place propagules inside the water to grow mangrove trees.

New mobs

Ribbit! That’s no frog in our throat, but it is the sound of the newest mob to take up residence in swamp biomes – frogs!↣

In mangrove swamps, players will discover frogs and fireflies. At Minecraft Live 2021, Mojang revealed three varieties of frogs and said all of them will have different uses. Mangrove swamps will feature regular variants of frogs.

In swamps, players will also find fireflies. These mobs are added to create a beautiful swamp ambiance. Minecraft frogs were shown eating fireflies during the live stream. Breeding frogs will create tiny and cute tadpoles.

Mud blocks

You can actually play in the mud without being told off! You’ll find mud blocks in swamp biomes, but why not make your own, just add water to dirt!Mud has other uses too; let it drip dry to make clay, or add sand and wheat into the mix to craft clay bricks!

Both old swamps and mangrove swamps are getting a new dirt block called mud. Players will find mud blocks generating near water in swamps. Dirt blocks can be turned into mud using a bottle of water. Mud turns into clay when placed on top of dripstones, which will make clay renewable in Minecraft.

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