Minecraft Achievement Guide: Great View From Up Here

A shulker mob from Minecraft (Image via
A shulker mob from Minecraft (Image via
Modified 14 Mar 2021

Projectile attacks from a shulker allow Minecraft players to levitate upwards in the air, which can empower players to reach some rather extreme heights.

Shulkers are hostile mobs that can only be found in end cities throughout the End dimension of Minecraft.

These creatures will hide in their cube-shaped shell until a player disturbs them and tries to make off with the treasures they are guarding.

Despite their small size, these mobs have a relatively high number of health and armor points. Players can use the projectile attacks from a shulker to their advantage as the attacks will grant players levitation upon being hit.

In fact, Minecraft Bedrock players can even earn an achievement if they are able to levitate up in the air fifty blocks or higher.

Minecraft Achievement Guide: Great View From Up Here

To earn this achievement, Minecraft players are first going to need to make their way to an end city. These structures can only be found on the outer islands of the End dimension.

To even get to the End, players will need to activate the End portal, which is most commonly found in the portal room of a stronghold in most Minecraft worlds. Activating the portal requires players to fill the portal frame with twelve eyes of ender.

Once inside the End, players will need to have access to the End gateway from defeating the Ender Dragon or build a bridge all the way to the outer islands. Minecraft players running into any difficulty locating an end city can refer to this detailed guide.

Once players have found an end city, they should look for the tallest tower they can find, also known as skyscraper towers. Shulkers can be found in high quantity in these towers, making these areas a perfect location to earn this achievement.

Minecraft players will just need to let the shulker's projectile attacks hit them, starting at the bottom of one of these towers. Players will then be able to progressively float all the way to the top, which in most cases is high enough to earn this achievement.

Minecraft players can track the distance that they are traveling by toggling on coordinates. Players will just need to take note of their starting coordinates and make sure that their y coordinate increases by fifty by the time they are done levitating.

Players should be sure to bring plenty of food and equip themselves with some armor. To earn the achievement, players must allow themselves to get hit by shulker projectile attacks.

The attacks do minimal amounts of damage, but it is damage nonetheless.

Once players have floated upwards of fifty blocks using the levitation effect from shulker projectile attacks, they will earn the "Great View From Up Here" achievement on Bedrock Edition.

Published 14 Mar 2021
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