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Minecraft Achievement Guide: Iron Belly

A zombie mob intimidating Steve in Minecraft. (Image via xiFrost21/
A zombie mob intimidating Steve in Minecraft. (Image via xiFrost21/
Modified 06 Jan 2021, 03:37 IST

Minecraft Bedrock Edition players earn the "Iron Belly" achievement when they consume a piece of rotten flesh in order to stop starvation.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and while the following method is not an ideal solution it has the potential to save a player's life in-game. Players need to consume food in order to manage their hunger bar.

As players get hungry, they will progressively lose functionality of their character such as the ability to sprint.

If hunger bar ever hits 0, players will start losing health and possibly even die on Hard difficulty. In order to prevent this from happening, players can consume a piece of rotten flesh in a pinch. This food sure does not taste good and will poison the player, but it will keep them starving to death.

This article will be breaking down how Minecraft Bedrock Edition players can obtain the "Iron Belly" achievement.

Minecraft Achievement Guide: Iron Belly

In order to earn this achievement, players will first need to obtain a piece of rotten flesh. Rotten flesh is one of the easier "food" items in the game to obtain, as it can be acquired by killing drowned, husks, zombies, zombie horses, zombie villagers, zolgins, and zombified piglins.


Players can also sometimes get a piece of rotten flesh as one of the junk items that are occasionally obtain from fishing.

Rotten flesh can also be found in the chests within various structures, such as dungeons, desert temples, igloos, jungle temples, shipwrecks, underwater ruins, village temples, and woodland mansions.

Since rotten flesh is such a common drop, it would likely be best for players to kill mobs such as zombies in order to obtain a piece or two. This method should not take very long, as zombies heavily populate the Overworld of Minecraft during the night.

Once a player has a piece of rotten flesh in their inventory, all they will have to do is perform activities in order to reach the point of starvation.

It is best to do this in a secure location, with all valuable items put away in storage beforehand, in order to prevent a Minecraft catastrophe from occurring. Once the hunger bar as reached zero and the player has started starving, they will simply need to consume the rotten flesh to earn the "Iron Belly" achievement.

Achievements in Minecraft are typically a way for players to track their own progression and challenge themselves with unique tasks.


With this achievement though, players actually learn a life saving tip while completing it. If a player is starving out in the elements at night, they can quickly kill some zombies in order to prevent themselves from starving.

This trick is of course a double-edged sword, and players can read up more about the uses for rotten flesh in Minecraft here.

Published 06 Jan 2021, 03:37 IST
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