Ranking the armors in Minecraft

(Image via Pinterest)
(Image via Pinterest)

Armors in Minecraft are of six different types.

Some players who are new to the game may only be familiar with four, and may not know which armors are the best. Even if one looks better than others, when it comes to armors in Minecraft, looks may be pretty deceiving, especially with armor.

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Check out the armors in Minecraft ranked from best to worst below!

Armors in Minecraft from best to worst!

#1 - Netherite Armor

(Image via Minecraft)
(Image via Minecraft)

When it comes to armors in Minecraft, the best is Netherite. Netherite is a super rare material which is only found in the Nether.

Netherite is very rare to find, and is mostly used to upgrade diamond gear. Netherite armor is very strong and is way more powerful than diamond armor.

Netherite armor cannot burn and it can float in lava, so if the player were to accidentally drop their armor into lava, or if the player falls into lava, they will be able to pick up their item and not take damage.

#2 - Diamond Armor

(Image via wallpapercave)
(Image via wallpapercave)

, Diamond armors in Minecraft is made of diamond ores which are easier to find than netherite. Players can find diamond ores in the bottom of caves and ravines, or if lucky, in chests.

Diamond armor is the second best armor in the game, and it also absorbs 80% of hit points. Mobs can spawn wearing diamond armor, but it is really unlikely.

Diamonds can be found in the lower parts of the map from y8 to y12. Players will need 24 diamonds to make a full set of armor.

#3 - Iron Armor

(Image via Minecraft)
(Image via Minecraft)

Iron armor is pretty easy to craft. Players will need a total of 24 iron ingots to craft a whole set of iron armor.

Iron is easy to find and it is commonly found in caves and ravines. Players can also go into a village, and sometimes the chests will have pieces of iron armor inside of them.

To make iron ingots, players need 24 blocks of iron ore. The player must cook the iron ore inside of a furnace using coal or wood.

# 4 - Chaim Armor

Chain armors in Minecraft gives players medium protection.

Chain armor is weaker than iron armor, but it is much harder to get than iron armor. Chain armor is pretty much the same as gold armor, except the leggings are a little stronger.

Chain armor is not obtainable through crafting, but players can obtain it through trading, a drop from a zombie mob (which will most likely be mostly broken), or inside chests.

#5 - Gold Armor

(Image via gokturk on reddit)
(Image via gokturk on reddit)

Gold armor is the second worst of the armors in Minecraft. It breaks very easily which is why it is at the bottom of the list.

When people think of gold they usually think of super good, super rare material. However, in Minecraft, that is not the case. A full set of gold armor will only absorb 44% of damage, nearly only half of the diamond armor.

Zombie mobs can spawn wearing enchanted golden armor, and players can also find enchanted golden armor at shipwrecks or in chests around the world. Golden armor is craftable, and players may easily find gold in caves and ravines.

It takes 24 golden ingots to make an entire set of golden armor. Golden armor is mostly only useful in the Nether because it adds more protection against blaze fireballs and ghast fireballs.

#6 - Leather Armor

Ranking armors in Minecraft, Leather is the least protective inside the game. It takes 24 pieces of leather to create a full set of leather armor.

Leather is the weakest of armors in Minecraft, and players can easily get it by killing animals. Leather can also be crafted on a crafting table with four rabbit hides. Leather is the only type of armor that can be dyed because of how easily obtainable it is.

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(Image via Minecraft Forum)
(Image via Minecraft Forum)

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