Mutant Zombie vs Iron Golem in Minecraft: How different are the two mobs?

(Image via MrPogz Zamora on youtube)
(Image via MrPogz Zamora on youtube)
Ny'esha Cooper

A lot of players in Minecraft have probably encountered an Iron Golem, but it is not very common for players to know what a Mutant Zombie is.

This is because Mutant Zombies are only in one of the Minecraft mods. Players cannot see these mobs walking around without entering a mod. Mutant zombies are larger, stronger, more powerful versions of regular zombies.

Iron golems can be seen walking around in villages in Minecraft. Iron golems are taller iron mobs in Minecraft. Since they are crafted out of iron, it is pretty hard to kill one. They will do very lethal damage to players if the player is struck by one, so players should make sure they have sustainable armor and good weapons before taking on the Iron golem.

The mod that is needed to see Mutant Zombies in Minecraft is called the "Mutant Creature Mod." This mod is not only for Mutant zombies, but players will find other mutated mobs as well.

The two mobs may both be strong, but they possess different traits than one another. Both mobs have the muscle, but they act in diverse ways in many different aspects.

This article will explain to players the difference between Iron Golems and Mutant Zombies in diverse ways!

Minecraft: Mutant Zombie vs Iron Golem!


(Image via Sportskeeda)
(Image via Sportskeeda)

Mutant zombies and Iron golems respawn pretty differently in Minecraft. Unlike Iron golems, the Mutant zombie will respawn immediately after death! This mob does not like giving players a break!

Mutant zombies also come back stronger and stronger with each respawn. However, the mutant zombie can only respawn twice. The first time it respawns it will respawn with 40 health points, and the second time with 50 health points.

Players can stop the respawn cycle by setting the mutant zombie on fire causing it to die by fire damage.


(Image via 3D warehouse)
(Image via 3D warehouse)

Iron golems and Mutant zombies do not look much alike in Minecraft. One looks like a huge iron statue and the other looks like a zombified Ninja turtle. Players can tell the difference pretty easily.

The Iron golem is tall and whitish cream in color. It is pretty tall and it will take multiple hits to kill. The iron golem has vines hanging down its body and will be seen normally spawning within the game.

The Mutant zombie is a super strong zombie that resembles a Ninja Turtle. The Mutant zombie has the same head as an original zombie, it's just the body that changes the appearance of the mob.


(Image via mcpedl)
(Image via mcpedl)

The Iron Golem is the more passive Minecraft mob when it comes down to which mob has the smaller temper. The golem will not attack a player unless it is provoked by the player attacking first.

The Mutant Zombie on the other hand will attack players right off of respawn no matter provoked or not. The Mutant zombie will also spawn other smaller zombies when they respawn to attack the players as well.

The Iron golem and Mutant zombie obviously should not clash hence they do not get along very much. If an Iron golem spots a Mutant zombie it will automatically try to attack the mob to protect itself and the villagers.

How they attack

(Image via PurpleCraft on youtube)
(Image via PurpleCraft on youtube)

The Iron Golem has less of a scary attack than the Mutant zombie, but it still does a good amount of damage. Iron golems attack with the hands. They do not use any type of weapon or special attack, just simple jabs with the hand.

Mutant zombies like to attack in a big way. Mutant zombies attack by spawning other mini zombies to aid them in attacks. They also can cause huge earthquakes to cause the player to become confused and disoriented.

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