Minecraft: Who holds the speedrun world record?

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Speedrunning is the art of finishing a game as quickly as you can. With Minecraft, the game finishes when you defeat the Ender Dragon by going to the End Portal. A lot of gamers have mastered speedrunning, and often keep trying to break their own world records!

There are tons of categories for speedrunning records β€” ranging from glitchless with a set seed or glitchless with a random seed. All these categories have their own sets of world records, all of which keep changing almost every day, since someone makes a new record!

In this article, we look at the speedrun record-holders in the Any% Glitchless with a Random Seed category in Minecraft 1.16. Let’s hope that while you’re reading, the top five list remains the same!

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Minecraft: who holds the speedrun world record?

1) Korbanoes

In-game time: 14 minutes 56 seconds


About a week ago, the world record for speedrunning in the Any% glitchless with random seed category was broken by a Minecraft player from Michigan, USA, called Korbanoes.

The player spawned in a random world with the seed 3174965048156339597 and managed to finish the game in a record time of 14 minutes and 56 seconds! Due to the new feature of Piglin trading, Ender eyes were easy to acquire, and the player spawned close to a Nether fortress to help with managing time.

2) Dimaex

In-game time: 17 minutes 26 seconds


Dimaex is a Minecraft speedrunner from Russia who holds the second position when it comes to the Any% glitchless category with a random seed. The gamer ended up spawning a Minecraft world with the seed -2908138952279958061.

While playing in the Vanilla version of the game, on easy difficulty, Dimaex managed to beat the Ender Dragon in 17 minutes and 26 seconds. The gamer got lucky with a village right by spawn and managed to breeze through the Nether to defeat the game.

3) realbenex

In-game time: 19 minutes 20 seconds


A gamer from Germany, realbenex, is a mind-blowing Minecraft player who has managed to secure the third position in the Any% glitchless with a random seed category in Minecraft 1.16.

The most astonishing part about his run is that he completed the game without the help of a village, which is where most Minecraft speedrunners go to help acquire iron and beds. This Minecraft player, however, ended up crafting beds to take down the Dragon.

4) DreamWasTaken

In-game time: 19 minutes 24 seconds

We doubt that Dream needs any introduction to the Minecraft community. He is widely known to be one of the most popular Minecraft YouTubers, responsible for the viral series Minecraft Manhunt.

But when Dream is not busy confusing friends and tricking them in hilarious ways, he is a Minecraft speedrunner who is currently placed fourth in this category. He managed to finish the game in 19 minutes and 24 seconds. This speedrun record was made just today, interestingly!

5) Couriway

In-game time: 19 minutes 28 seconds


Couriway, a Minecraft YouTuber from Florida, USA, is known for securing the fifth position in the Any% glitchless speedrun with a random seed.

Even, the website responsible for recording and validating the speedruns of all Minecraft players, has advised viewers to not interact with Couriway.

While his speedrun skills may be impressive, the claims against him are considered credible. Thus, has removed the video proof of his speedrun, which can now only be found on YouTube.

Disclaimer: Minecraft speedruns records are broken very frequently, so these records may have been surpassed by the time you read about them.

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