Minecraft 1.18 Experimental Snapshot 4 for Java Edition: Full list of changes revealed 

Biome placement tweaks in new snapshot (Image via Mojang)
Biome placement tweaks in new snapshot (Image via Mojang)

Minecraft developers are hard at work and have dropped another 1.18 experimental snapshot for their fans. It can be downloaded and played on computers that have the official Minecraft launcher installed.

Developers are taking their sweet time releasing the normal Minecraft 1.18 snapshots because adding so many new features while keeping the game stable is not an easy task. Like previous versions, this experimental snapshot focuses on making the biome generation smoother.

Minecraft 1.18 Experimental Snapshot 4


Changes in the experimental snapshot compared to the previous one

  • Jungle and desert temples can no longer be found on water. Desert temples will be partially buried.
  • The size of badlands and desert biomes has been increased. Terracotta bands now generate taller. Wooded badlands grass and trees start higher.
  • Once again, biome placements have been made smoother and less noisy. They have also been tweaked to reduce the chances of harsh collisions between biomes.
  • The height at which snow is placed has been increased. Surface freezing for hot biomes have been removed.
  • Once again, Mojang has made the snowy slopes biome less dirty.
  • Extreme hills biome has been made more extreme. Changes have been made to the placement of shattered terrain and extreme hills to fit the terrain better.
  • Changes have been made to river generations so that fewer of them are cut off and turned into steep dry river gorges in mountainous terrain. Instead, they will either carve a fjord through the mountain range or raise the terrain to form a saddle valley between the peaks.
  • The number of diorite/andesite/granite blobs that generate on the surface has been lowered.
  • The new stony peaks mountain sub biome can sometimes generate layers of gravel, calcite, andesite, or granite. The amethyst geodes will no longer be the only source of calcite for Minecraft players.
  • Iron ores will generate a lot more frequently.
  • Changes have been made to swamp biome generation to make them "swampier." They are less likely to extend far out from the coastline now, and rivers in swamps will be shallower.
  • In this experimental snapshot, players will get to see bigger copper blobs in the dripstone caves.

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