Minecraft 1.19 snapshot 22w15a for Java Edition: Full list of changes revealed

Warden in new snapshot (Image via Mojang)
Warden in new snapshot (Image via Mojang)

Wednesday is meant to be a snapshot day for Minecraft enthusiasts. If delayed, Mojang will try to release a new snapshot of the upcoming major update every week on Wednesdays and Thursdays. This week's snapshot arrived on time and has brought along a menacing feature.

The warden and deep dark caves coming in The Wild Update will become nightmares for many players. However, some fierce players were ready to defeat the monstrosity using strategies. Developers noticed the buzz around killing the warden with sly tricks and schemes.

Here is the Wardens new Sonic attack while I had full netherite armor on💀Hadoken would be proud

In Minecraft 1.19 snapshot 22w15a, Mojang has given the warden a new ability to take care of enemies attacking from a safe distance. Without further delay, here are the patch notes for the latest snapshot.

Minecraft 1.19 snapshot 22w15a patch notes


New features added in Minecraft snapshot 22w15a

  • Added a new advancement called “When the Squad Hops into Town” for getting each frog type on a lead
  • Added a new advancement called “Sneak 100” for sneaking near sculk sensors or the warden to prevent it from hearing player
  • Added a new ranged attack to the warden

Warden's ranged attack

If the warden wasn't already terrifying enough, Mojang gave it a new offensive ability. So far, the warden has only had melee attacks, but now it can also use a ranged attack to pull enemies off a cliff or pillar.

You can run but you can’t hide…In this Snapshot, for Minecraft: Java Edition, we’ve included the warden’s sonic ranged attack, which can easily penetrate that wall you’re hiding behind! Read the full list of features now:🔗

When the warden spots an enemy far from its reach, it switches to ranged mode and attacks enemies with water. Warden's ranged attack is a sonic wave beam that damages enemies in its path. Being a blind mob, players already expect the warden to have some form of ranged attacks,

Changes made in Minecraft snapshot 22w15a

  • Added Darkness effect to "How Did We Get Here?" advancement
  • Allays have a natural health regeneration of 2 health per second
  • The main menu background image is replaced by now shows a Wild Update panorama
  • Mud generates from the surface layer to the stone layer in mangrove swamps
  • Tall Mangroves are now far more common than Short Mangroves in mangrove swamps
  • Moss Carpet now generates on top of mangrove tree roots
  • The Wandering Trader will now sometimes offer propagules for sale in return for emeralds
  • A previous change to noteblocks that only wool blocks and wool carpets would block the sounds has been reverted
  • Wardens can now sniff a player from further away
  • The vertical range wardens get angry at an enemy while sniffing is currently 20 blocks instead of 6 blocks

Changes to vibrations

  • Carpets, like Wool blocks, will now dampen the vibrations caused by their breaking, placing, or dropping as items
  • Players can now also use carpets to dampen the vibrations caused by jumping and running over them

As usual, snapshot 22w15a also features various technical changes. Interested players can read the official Minecraft snapshot patch notes to learn more.

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