Minecraft Championship (MCC) 15 live stream details, time, competing teams, and more

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter
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This month's Minecraft Championship (more commonly called MCC15) is now streaming live on many Twitch channels and more. This Minecraft tournament is always an exciting event and fans are ecstatic to see their favorite Minecraft creators compete against each other.

Here are all the details Minecraft fans need to know about MCC15 which is happening right now.

Details about the Minecraft Championship 15 live stream happening right now

Live stream details

MCC15 is now live and estimated to last roughly two or more hours.

Gamers can watch the MCC15 admin stream right now on TheNoxcrew Twitch channel for a general overview of the tournament.

Most participants will be streaming on their own Twitch channels as well. The entire list of MCC15 players, their teams, and their Twitch links can be found below.

MCC15 competing teams and Twitch streams

Red Rabbits

Dream - Twitch

Michaelmcchill - Twitch

Quackity - Twitch

Sapnap - Twitch

Pink Parrots

TapL - Twitch

WilburSoot - Twitch

Tubbo - Twitch

Ranboo - Twitch

Purple Pandas

ReNDoG - Twitch

InTheLittleWood - Twitch

falsesymmetry - Twitch

Illumina - Twitch

Blue Bats

fWhip - Twitch

Quig - Twitch

Smallishbeans - Twitch

PrestonPlayz - Twitch

Aqua Axolotls

Krinos - Twitch

Krtzyy - Twitch

CaptainPuffy - Twitch

Nihachu - Twitch

Cyan Creepers

Smajor - Twitch

Wisp - Twitch

Antfrost - Twitch

5up - Twitch

Green Guardians

ConnorEatsPants - Twitch

Fundy - Twitch

Ph1LzA - Twitch

TommyInnit - Twitch

Lime Llamas

TheOrionSound - Twitch

Solidarity Gaming - Twitch

KaraCorvus - Twitch

fruitberries - Twitch

Yellow Yaks

CaptainSparklez - Twitch

Punz - Twitch

Jack Manifold - Twitch

Seapeekay - Twitch

Orange Ocelots

PearlscentMoon - Twitch

Grian - Twitch

PeteZahHutt - Twitch

Shubble - Twitch

More details about Minecraft Championship (MCC) 15

Just as with every installation, the Noxcrew has implented specific changes to this month's Minecraft Championship tournament. Especially given the controversy about the last MCC's ace race competition, the creators have taken careful consideration in preparing MCC15 for its participants.

The above video showcases some important information about what is to be expected during the tournament.

So far, one game of Parkour Tag has been completed, but it is still anybody's game in Minecraft. Be sure to tune in to see all of the MCC15 action.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul
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