Minecraft player stumbles upon oddly generated but beautiful desert temple

Minecraft Redditor finds a unique desert temple generated inside an open cave (Image via Mojang)
Minecraft Redditor finds a unique desert temple generated inside an open cave (Image via Mojang)

Since every Minecraft world is different from each other and its generation is completely random, some generate structures and terrain in an extremely unique way. In the past, players have witnessed extremely bizarre and legendary generations and shared them with the community. Sharing these worlds has been extremely easy since every single one has a special seed that players can feed to generate the same world on any device.

Hence, a unique structure was generated that was recently shared by a Minecraft Redditor, which was quite fascinating to witness.

Minecraft Redditor showcases unique desert temple generation

A Redditor by the name of 'u/ChonkerBanana' recently posted a picture of a desert temple generating inside an open cave cavity. Additionally, it was essentially generated in the middle of a small pond. Usually, these structures are present in a desert biome and generate on the surface. However, this particular one was generated inside an open cave.

Furthermore, there was not a huge desert biome above the cave opening. Rather the badlands biome started generating right after a small patch of desert biome where the desert temple happened to generate as well.

The seed of this world is 1031155834, while the coordinates of the structure are: -497, 115, -5920 (Bedrock Edition).

Users' reaction to unique desert temple generation

These uniquely generated structures and terrains have always fascinated the Minecraft community on Reddit. Hence, this post was quite famous on the game's official subreddit. This post received over two thousand upvotes and several comments within a day.

Many players started discussing what could be built around this unique desert temple to further enhance this area. They mentioned glass domes, building unearthed civilization theme, etc. Since Minecraft is all about building structures and finding unique areas, many players love to discuss these topics.

While some Redditors mentioned that the original poster should also post these findings on the Minecraft Seeds subreddit, others pointed out how it gave them Indiana Jones vibes. Since the desert temple was completely hidden inside a semi-open cave, it looked even more thrilling and secretive to players. Hence, they instantly thought of the famous film franchise.

Overall, several Redditors were fascinated to see the unique generation of a desert temple. Though there are some common generations where half or more of the temple is buried underground, this particular one was completely intact. Still, it simply generated several blocks below the surface level, that too in a small pond.

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