Mojang updates Minecraft default Steve and Alex skins after 13 years

Minecraft's Steve and Alex have received a 3D makeover (Image via Sportskeeda)
Minecraft's Steve and Alex have received a 3D makeover (Image via Sportskeeda)

After a long period of 13 years, the default skins of Steve and Alex in Minecraft have finally received a makeover, and they look amazing.

The sandbox title is known for its retro-style pixel-based gameplay that reflects upon every game element, from tools to the environment and the default skins. The first thing new players in Minecraft do is select their main character, to begin with, and they are provided with two options by default.

These two options are Minecraft's official default skins of Steve and Alex. Moreover, the game's assets are designed so that players can see each square pixel on those elements and make their own blocks comprised of those squares.

In a recent update, Minecraft made significant changes to Steve and Alex's default skins that the community couldn't sing enough praises of. However, some might have strong opinions about the change, as they wanted the game to have that same OG element when they started playing the Mojang title.

Steve and Alex's default skins in Minecraft get a 3D makeover

Mojang recently released a game update that changed the textures of their default skins, Alex and Steve. According to the news, the beard texture on Steve's face is now more prominent with enhanced pixels that the players seem to love.

Moreover, both skins have received an extra 3D layer of hair at the front and back of their heads, making the characters look more realistic and adding to the detail in their skin textures. The clothing on Steve and Alex's skins also received extra pixel density to make the contrast of colors more enhanced and darker as compared to the faded colors in the earlier ones.

A user named "AxolotlMC" pointed out that since 2009, this is the first time the default skins have received a major update on their 3D pixel density and textures. The updated versions of the skins can also be seen in the new beta launcher.

Another user by the name "RafatAr32" expressed their views on the update that the 3D parts on the shoulders of the updated skins looked "ugly," and Steve's skin looked like he was wearing makeup. They also pointed out how Alex's updated skin details don't suit him well, but the extra 3D parts on the hair look decent.

Although both these skins were released with the game back in 2009, no gender was defined for either of these skins as the creator, Notch, designed them to be gender-neutral. However, players in the game deem Alex a female and Steve a male due to the details on each of their skins.

Overall, the latest update made a major change to something in the game that has stayed the same since the beginning, and there have been active discussions on both ends of the stick. However, this keeps up with the high level of game optimization and updated graphics the game has received in recent years.