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Nether Portals in Minecraft: Everything players need to know

Stylized Minecraft Nether Portal (Image via wowkia)
Stylized Minecraft Nether Portal (Image via wowkia)
Holly Ellison
Modified 01 Apr 2021

Nether Portals are the only way to enter the Nether dimension in Minecraft. They were introduced in the Minecraft Java Alpha Edition.

Here's everything Minecraft players need to know about Nether Portals.

Nether Portals in Minecraft

How to create a Nether Portal

Creating a Nether Portal in Minecraft is an art that some players have perfected. To create a standard-sized Nether Portal, players will need at least ten obsidian blocks as well as a Flint and Steel.

Obsidian blocks are created by mixing water and lava. These blocks can only be dug up or obtained by a diamond or netherite pickaxe. Players could hypothetically use water and lava buckets to create a Nether Portal, but this would take quite some skill from the player.

To get Flint and Steel, the player must simply dig up gravel blocks until they find a flint. To get the steel block (or iron ingot), players must mine iron ore and smelt it in the furnace. The player can then craft Flint and Steel.

Once the obsidian blocks are placed creating a two-by-four portal size, the player can light the portal with a Flint and Steel.


History of the portal

Minecraft Nether Portal in the Nether (Image via windowscentral)
Minecraft Nether Portal in the Nether (Image via windowscentral)

As stated earlier, Nether Portals were first added to the Minecraft Java Alpha Edition v1.2.0 preview. Players were given the ability to craft in Minecraft Java Alpha Edition v1.2.2a by pressing F4, but this option was soon taken out of the game.

Even though Nether Portals were added in this version of Minecraft, Notch (Minecraft's developer) first mentioned using them in October 2010.

Size of the Nether Portal

The size of Nether Portals was originally finite (two blocks wide and four blocks tall). These mechanics dominated Nether Portals for several years in Minecraft.


It wasn't until 1.7.2 that Minecraft developer Dinnerbone started to release images of different-sized Nether Portals. He also released images hinting that portals could be lit from any block.

This major change to the Nether Portal design finally came to Minecraft in 1.7.2 13w37a. Since then, Nether Portal sizes have remained mostly untouched.

Nether Portal trivia

Large Nether Portal (Image via Reddit)
Large Nether Portal (Image via Reddit)

The animation of the world moving when players step into portals is supposedly meant to make the player feel nauseous. This animation is called the "nauseous screen."

While teleporting in the Nether Portal, players are unable to open up their inventory or chatbox. Anything that is opened when a player steps into the portal will close immediately upon teleporting to the Nether.

If a player's Nether Portal goes out while they're in the Nether, a ghast will be able to relight it by shooting its ghast ball. Players should keep this in mind if they're ever stranded in the Nether.

There is a 1 in 2,000 chance that a horde of Zombie Pigmen will spawn around the player's Nether Portal in an easy survival world. This is extremely rare, but players should be cautious nonetheless.

Published 01 Apr 2021, 08:39 IST
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