Ocean ruins in Minecraft: All you need to know

An ocean ruin (Image via Minecraft)
An ocean ruin (Image via Minecraft)

Minecraft structures are found in many places in the game. They are some of the most fun places to explore and can also reward players with valuable items. A few of the structures in Minecraft can be found underwater, one of which is 'ocean ruins'.


These are mysterious structures that were added to the game with the 1.13 update, released on July 18, 2018. They are also called underwater ruins by Minecraft players.

Everything to know about Ocean Ruins in Minecraft

Where can they be found?


As players can guess from its name, ocean ruins are generated only in ocean biomes. However, they can also be generated above the surface or buried in the land.

Cold ocean ruins can be found in cold, frozen, and normal ocean biomes, and warm ocean ruins can be located in lukewarm, warm, and deep lukewarm ocean biomes.

Variants, sizes, and common blocks

Variants of ocean ruins (Image via Minecraft)
Variants of ocean ruins (Image via Minecraft)

The ocean ruins in Minecraft have three primary variants: brick, cracked, and mossy. They also come in two different sizes: large and small. The chances of small ruins generating are a whopping 70%, and the chances of large ruins forming are just 30%.

There's also a 90% chance of 4-8 small ruins generating around a large ruin. Some of the commonly seen blocks in ocean ruins are stone bricks, gravel, prismarine, magma, sea lantern, and obsidian blocks.


Drowneds (Image via Minecraft)
Drowneds (Image via Minecraft)

Apart from the normal aquatic mob that spawns in the biome where the ruin is, up to four drowneds are spawned close to them. If the player is trying to collect the loot from the ruin's chests, they will most likely have to fight them. Drowneds are a variant of zombies that spawn only underwater in ocean and river biomes.


A loot chest (Image via Minecraft)
A loot chest (Image via Minecraft)

The most exciting thing about the structure is the loot it holds. Every ocean ruin has a loot chest. However, the items inside can depend on the size of the ruin.

Here's a list of items that players can find in loot chests of ocean ruins:

  • Coal
  • Wheat
  • Gold Nugget (Large ruins only)
  • Buried Treasure Map
  • Enchanted Book (Large ruins only)
  • Enchanted Fishing Rod
  • Emerald
  • Stone Axe (Small ruins only)
  • Rotten Flesh (Small ruins only)
  • Leather Tunic
  • Golden Apple (Large ruins only)
  • Golden Helmet

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