Raid farming in Minecraft: Everything players need to know 

(Image via Reddit)
(Image via Reddit)

In Minecraft, players can start raids to get rare items which can only be obtained by starting raids. Raids are started by entering a pillager outpost and obtaining the bad omen effect.

Players will need to find a pillager outpost and take out all of the pillagers, then kill the raid captain, also known as the Illager Patrol Leader. Players can spot these mobs easily due to the large banner they are wearing on their head.

Once the raid captain is killed, players will be cursed with the bad omen effect. This means when ever a player enters a village, a raid will start, and multiple hostile mobs will come to attack the player in an attempt to harm the villagers.

Players should note that they can only start a raid in occupied villages. Abandoned villages with no mobs will not trigger a raid. The player must first find a village where there is more than one active villager.

At the top of the screen, players will see a purple bar that indicates how far into the raid they are. The raids will happen in rounds, and opponents will get tougher with every round. Once the raid is successfully completed, players will be able to trade with villagers at a reduced cost for saving them.

In this article, players will learn what raid farming is in Minecraft, and what can be obtained from doing it.

Minecraft Raid Farming


What is it?

(Image via PlanetMinecraft)
(Image via PlanetMinecraft)

Raid farming in Minecraft is when players continuously trigger raids to obtain items that are dropped from mobs during raids. Players can do this to obtain large amounts of rare items only obtainable in raids.

Some of the mobs that players can see during raids are pillagers, vindicators, witches, ravagers, and evokers. Players can also see some of the common mobs like skeletons.

In order to raid farm, players will need to make sure they have a village with one bed and one villager. They also need A leveled surface where the raid can spawn, a way to guide the raid mobs into the kill zone and an open area for the mobs to be killed and loot to be dropped.

Minecraft players will also need to make sure there is a pillager outpost nearby for them to continuously be able to get the bad omen effect.

Rare Raid drop

(Image via progameguides)
(Image via progameguides)

One of the rarest items that players can obtain from raids is the totems of undying. Players can only get these from raids, and raid farming is the best way for players to get large amounts of them.

The totem of undying will grant the player with one free life, meaning if the player dies accidentally, they will not have to respawn until they die the second time. This will save players from losing their loot.

Totems of undying in Minecraft are among the rarest items in the game and players cannot find them in Minecraft besides during raids.

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