Ranking Minecraft enchantments for fishing rods

(Image via Minecraft Fandom)
(Image via Minecraft Fandom)
Modified 06 Apr 2021
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Players in Minecraft can create a fishing rod out of three sticks and two strings. Minecraft players are able to use fishing rods to fish for numerous items.

One of those items is enchanted books. Players can use enchanted books to place enchantments on items using an anvil.

Along with many other tools in Minecraft, fishing rods can be enchanted. The fishing rod has four enchantments that are allowed to be placed on them. Players are allowed to enchant a fishing rod using an enchantment table and lapis. Lapis is very easy to find inside caves and ravines.

Players can use enchanted fishing rods to pull better loot when fishing or to fish efficiently. Players can fish standing in just about any position as long as their fishing rod is in the water. Players can be standing, in a boat, underwater, it doesn’t matter as long as the rod is cast in the water.

In this article players will learn about the Minecraft fishing rod enchantments, and what they each do!

Minecraft fishing rod enchantments ranked from best to worst

Luck of the Sea

(Image via RajCraft on Youtube)
(Image via RajCraft on Youtube)

The luck of the sea enchantment increases the chances of players getting valuable items from fishing. This enchantment allows players to have more luck pulling rare items from the water.

Using this enchantment, players will be able to get better items such as enchanted books, saddles, name tags, enchanted bows, etc. The max level of enchantment for luck of the sea is level three.


(Image via Wattles on Youtube)
(Image via Wattles on Youtube)

Like on many other enchantments, mending is always at the top of the list when ranking Minecraft enchantments. Mending takes the XP that is earned by doing tasks in the Minecraft world, and is used to repair the players tool.

Players should note that the XP will not go towards both the experience bar and the tool, only the tool. Mending allows the player to have the item longer since it will be getting repaired during use.

The tricky thing about mending enchantment is that it is a treasure enchantment, meaning that players will never find it on the enchantment table. Players will have to go out into the Minecraft world to find this enchantment.


(Image via bugs.mojang)
(Image via bugs.mojang)

Unbreaking is always going to be towards the top of the list along with mending. Unbreaking is an enchantment in Minecraft that can be used on most tools in Minecraft.

This enchantment increases the durability of the item that the enchantment is placed on. Using this enchantment, players will get more uses out of the fishing rod without it breaking as easily.

The max level of enchantment for unbreaking is level three.


(Image via RajCraft on youtube)
(Image via RajCraft on youtube)

This enchantment increases the rate at which fish bite players' hooks. The only thing about this enchantment is that it decreases the luck that players will have from pulling treasure out of the water.

With this enchantment, players will mostly only pull fish. The max level of enchantment for lure is level three.

Curse of Vanishing

(Image via RajCraft on youtube)
(Image via RajCraft on youtube)

Curse of vanishing is not a very good enchantment at all in Minecraft, and it will most likely always be at the bottom of the list when ranking Minecraft enchantments.

This enchantment forces the fishing rod to disappear upon death of the player. This means if the player dies, they will not be able to obtain their fishing rod again.

Published 06 Apr 2021
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