Was Ranboo banned from the Minecraft Championships?

Ranboo’s popularity has soared since joining Dream’s server (Image via gamebanana)
Ranboo’s popularity has soared since joining Dream’s server (Image via gamebanana)
Modified 27 Apr 2021

Ranboo is a relatively new face on YouTube and Twitch. His YT channel was created on January 30th, 2020, though he would start his first stream months later, on September 12th, 2020. He’s also known for being a member of Dream’s survival-multiplayer, SMP.

The growth of his online audience seemed to explode when he declared to his stream chat on November 27th, 2020, that he would run for president of L’Manberg (which is a nation on Dream’s survival-multiplayer server). At the time that he made this statement, Ranboo wasn’t a member of the survival-multiplayer.

Later, during this same stream, he was raided by Floris “Fundy” Damen, and Phil “Ph1LzA” Watson, two popular streamers on Dream’s survival-multiplayer. It was here that Dream invited him to join the server, and Ranboo accepted.

Outside of his contributions to Dream’s survival-multiplayer, there have been rumors surfacing about Ranboo being banned from the Minecraft Championships. Reddit threads regarding the issue say that he was banned for allegedly sending a joke to the MCC team that was taken badly.

However, despite the heavy talk about it, these rumors are not true. Ranboo being banned from the Minecraft Championships is just a running joke between him and the MCC team. For anyone confused, here’s what happened from the beginning.

Why was Ranboo “banned” from the Minecraft Championships?

Ranboo and the MCC organizers are having quite the fun at fans
Ranboo and the MCC organizers are having quite the fun at fans's expense (Image via Ranboo on YouTube)

Ranboo isn’t actually banned from the Minecraft Championships. But he was jokingly “banned” after Smajor, the organizer of the championships, said this in Tubbo’s stream chat:

“Can we ban Ranboo from everything? I think it’s only fair at this point.”

Even though it was said completely as a joke, Ranboo responded, equally joking. He took to Twitter to say that he would email the Minecraft Championship team saying:

“I have clout, please.”

Later, the Minecraft Championship team responded to his tweet, saying:

“Hi Ranboo. Thank you for your email. Good luck in all your future endeavors. Sincerely, MCC.”

Ranboo then tweeted back:

“Hello MCC. I am very confused. Am I banned? Kind regards, Ranboo.”

Although misleading, in some ways, with the wording of everything, this was all in good fun.

According to Redditor Ginhavesouls, Ranboo’s letter to the Minecraft Championship Team was actually, “the nicest letter they’ve received so far.” He summarized what happened:

“Yeah, also in the admin stream for MCC 11, noxcrew actually talked about Ranboo’s letter for consideration. Apparently it was a bit longer than what he had shown in his tweet, and the admins stated it was actually the nicest letter they had received [sic] so far. So yeah, the back-and-forth exchange is all in good fun lol.”

Another Redditor, Osakosdemonhunter, confirmed that this Twitter exchange was made in good fun, saying:

“Nah he didn’t get banned it’s just a joke.”

When looking on Twitter, it seems like a lot of others have fallen into the misconception that Ranboo was banned from the Minecraft Championships. There are fans trying to clear up the fact from fiction through spreading the knowledge that the Minecraft star’s “banning” was a joke.

So Ranboo fans need not worry. He hasn’t been banned from the Minecraft Championships. Although there’s room to speculate that because of this exchange, there will be some participation from Ranboo in this year’s championship.

Published 27 Apr 2021
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