Scutes in Minecraft: Everything players need to know

(Image via Minecraft)
(Image via Minecraft)

Minecraft has multiple mobs within the game that players may not know fully about. One of these mobs is turtles!

Scutes are items that baby turtles drop when they grow into full adults. These items can be used to craft turtle shells. This process can lead to the crafting of the potion Turtle Master

Turtle shells are an item that players can equip that allows them to breathe longer underwater. Players will place this item in the helmet slot where a regular helmet will go. The shell is made out of five turtle scutes.

In this article, players will learn everything they need to know about scutes in Minecraft!

Everything a player needs to know about Minecraft scutes

How to scute a turtle

(Image via NiclasBlocko's on Youtube)
(Image via NiclasBlocko's on Youtube)

Scutes are dropped from baby turtles when the baby grows into a full adult. Players can either wait for the turtle to grow into a full adult, which takes around 20 minutes in real time, or a whole day in Minecraft world time, or players can speed up the process.

Players can cause a baby turtle to age much faster by feeding it seagrass. Seagrass is found all over Minecraft's underwater biomes, in both tall and short forms. Players can feed this to baby turtles to help them age much faster.

Once the turtle is aged to a full adult, the turtle will drop one scute that players can place in their inventory.

Where to find a turtle

(Image via Minecraft Fandom)
(Image via Minecraft Fandom)

Turtles can be found just roaming around the sand in Minecraft, making their way to water. Turtles are very common in beach biomes, generally found swimming near water.

When turtles are on land it will be moving very slowly. Turtles will be tempted to follow the player if the player is holding seagrass. The player can hold the seagrass in their hand to draw the baby turtle to them, then feed them the sea grass to make them age.

What can players craft with Scutes

(Image via MrcreeperGam1ng on Youtube)
(Image via MrcreeperGam1ng on Youtube)

Scutes can be used to craft turtle shells in Minecraft. A turtle shell is used to increase the amount of time that players can be underwater without using oxygen. Sort of like respiration enchantment.

Players can craft the turtle shell out of five scutes in the crafting menu. Players will need to place the turtle shell in the helmet slot for it to be active. Players can use the turtle shell to create the turtle master potion in Minecraft

The turtle shell mixed with the awkward potion creates the turtle master potion. This potion has a slowness of four equipped in it and resistance three.

Players can also use scutes to repair turtle shells. Players can place a broken turtle shell on the left side of the anvil, one scute in the middle, and on the right side the repaired turtle shell will be on the right.

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