Ranking the sword enchantments in Minecraft

(Image via wallpapercave)
(Image via wallpapercave)

Weapon enchantments are bonuses or upgrades that players can apply to the weapon to make it stronger in Minecraft.

Enchantments make swords stronger or deal increased damage to mobs or other players. To enchant a weapon, players must make an enchantment table out of four obsidian, two diamonds, and one book.

To get stronger enchantments, players must have bookshelves. Bookshelves increase the level of enchantment that the weapon can have.

The maximum enchantment level is 30, which players can get with 15 bookshelves, placed one block away from the enchantment table, and one block high. Bookshelves are pretty easy to craft. They can be crafted out of three books and three planks.

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Minecraft sword enchantments ranked from best to worst

#10 - Bane of Arthropods

(Image via RajCraft on youtube)
(Image via RajCraft on youtube)

The bane of arthropods enchantment increases damage against arthropod mods, including spiders, cave spiders, bees, silverfish, and endermites.

The max level of enchantment for this enchantment is level five. This enchantment is mostly useful for spiders, so if the player is trying to XP farm at a spider spawner, then this is the best enchantment for them to have.

#9 - Smite

The smite enchantment increases damage against undead mobs such as zombies, skeletons, withers, wither skeletons, zombie pigmen, skeleton horses, and zombie horses.

This enchantment is similar to the banes of arthropods enchantment, except smite is useful against undead mobs instead of spiders. The max level of enchantment for smite is five.

#8 - Curse of Vanishing

The curse of vanishing enchantment allows players to curse an item in the game.

When the curse of vanishing enchantment is active, the item disappears upon the death of the player. Instead of the sword dropping for another player to steal, it just vanishes instead.

Along with mending, the curse of vanishing must be obtained in the world instead of on an enchantment table. The max level of enchantment for this enchantment is level one.

#7 - Sweeping edge

(Image via SeaofPixels on youtube)
(Image via SeaofPixels on youtube)

The sweeping edge enchantment increases the damage of a sweep attack in Minecraft. The sweeping edge enchantment is an exclusive enchantment to the Java edition of Minecraft. The max enchantment level sweeping edge is three.

#6 - Knockback

The knockback enchantment pushes the target back when the sword comes in contact with it in Minecraft. This enchantment causes the target to repel back further than usual. This enchantment can be very helpful against creepers. The max level for this enchantment is level two.

#5 - Fire Aspect

The fire aspect enchantment sets the target on fire when the player attacks it in Minecraft. The max level for this enchantment is level two. When players have this enchantment on the sword, mobs will automatically drop cooked versions of the mest, which saves the player the cooking time.

#4 - Mending

The mending enchantment uses XP orbs to fix enchanted items that the player is using in Minecraft. If the sword that the player is using is partially broken and in the red HP, the XP that is collected can be used to repair the sword.

The orbs that the player collects will not be used towards XP once it is used to fix the item. The max level for this enchantment is level one.

What makes mending so special is that it is a treasure enchantment. This means players can only find it in the world. Mending cannot be created from an enchantment table. Players can find it in chests, raids, fishing, etc,

#3 - Unbreaking

(Image via Empire Minecraft)
(Image via Empire Minecraft)

The unbreaking enchantment increases the durability of the sword in Minecraft. It makes the players sword last long. The max enchantment level for unbreaking is three. Unbreaking is very useful for players who enjoy fighting mobs and other players.

#2 - Looting

The looting enchantment increases the amount of loot dropped when a mob is killed in Minecraft. This is a very useful enchantment for players who are looking for rare loot such as ender pearls or Wither skulls.

The max level for this enchantment is three. Looting is a very rare and good enchantment to have on a sword.

Players can get dropped extra materials that can be resourceful.

For example, when a player is trying to kill endermen for ender pearls. Endermen have a 50% chance at dropping one ender pearl upon death. Say the sword that the player is using has looting on it, and the player kills an enderman, it can drop two ender pearls instead of one, which can make it much easier to collect them.

#1 - Sharpness

The sharpness enchantment increases attack damage dealt towards the target. Sharpness makes the weapon deal extra damage. The max enchantment level is five.

Sharpness is probably one of the best enchantments for a sword in Minecraft. It adds additional damage to the sword, which can be a huge advantage when going against an opponent in Minecraft.

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