The Forsen & xQc Minecraft rivalry continues

Forsen setting a new personal best for speedrunning Minecraft. (Image via forsen/
Forsen setting a new personal best for speedrunning Minecraft. (Image via forsen/

Popular Twitch streamers Sebastian "Forsen" Fors and Felix "xQc" Lengyel have had a heated Minecraft speedrunning rivalry for quite some time.

Forsen and xQc are well-known members of the Twitch community, having achieved numerous milestones as both streamers and players to their chosen game.

However, what some casual fans may not know is that these two have a heated rivalry when it comes to speedrunning Minecraft.

They both compete against one another to see who can finish a Minecraft 1.16 random seed glitchless speedrun the fastest. The times that both of these streamers produce are nowhere near current world record quality, but it is still rather impressive and appears as though they will continue to improve.

This article showcases the Minecraft rivalry between xQc and Forsen, as well as discusses their latest runs, and explains who is currently in the lead.

Disclaimer: Forsen and xQc are near constantly in competition for who can complete the game the fastest, so a new leader may emerge at almost any moment. The current status of the competition may have changed since the writing of this article.

The Forsen & xQc Minecraft rivalry continues

For players who are unfamiliar with this brand of Minecraft speedrunning, the goal is to complete the game as fast as possible. A runner needs to spawn into a completely random game world, and then it is a race to kill the Ender Dragon as fast as possible.

This requires players to act precisely and maneuver efficiently to get all the items that they need to access The End dimension and face the final boss.

Completing these runs fast requires a combination of skill and luck, as players have no control over the seed they end up with or the RNG for blaze rod drops and piglin barters for ender pearls.

Forsen is currently in the lead with a rather impressive speedrun that he completed yesterday. This run was a personal best for him, with an in-game time of 26:36, a substantial time save from his previous personal best time.

This is a tremendous feat, as he even took a bathroom break during the beginning stages of the run and was still able to complete it seamlessly.

That very same day that Forsen set his new personal best, xQc was on track to set one of his own. He recieved an amazing Minecraft seed that set him up with almost everything that he needed to complete the run quickly.

However, during the final stages of the run, he choked and messed up, costing him the chance to set a new personal best and take the lead over Forsen.

In fairness to the top speedrunners of Minecraft for this category, however, both xQc and Forsen have not achieved a time that is in the same league as their current caliber just yet.

Forsen and xQc are currently battling it out for the title of who is the better Minecraft speedrunner, and only time will tell who ends up on top.

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