The importance and uses of Emeralds in Minecraft

Image via ExplodingTNT/YouTube
Image via ExplodingTNT/YouTube

Emeralds are the main form of currency in Minecraft, that players can use to trade with villagers for other useful items.

People have been buying, selling, and trading for goods for thousands of years. However, the inception of currency is what has most helped facilitate the trading process, by acting as a medium of exchange and set monetary value.

In the world of Minecraft, emeralds are the currency of choice for villagers. As it so happens, there is very limited use for emeralds for players outside of villager trading. This means with a few helpful tips, Minecraft players can learn to get their hands on some great items by trading away their emeralds with villagers.

This article will be breaking down how Minecraft players can obtain emeralds and also explain what their uses are.

The Importance and uses for Emeralds in Minecraft

Image via The Minebox/YouTube
Image via The Minebox/YouTube

Minecraft players may want to get their hands on some initial emeralds, before they can develop their own business empire. Emerald ore does naturally generate in the mountains of Minecraft's Overworld, but players should note that it is the rarest mineral block in the entire game.

Instead of going the mining and smelting route, players can get their hands on emeralds from various types of chests. Minecraft villagers absolutely love their emeralds, so players can often take find some in the chests of their homes and places of business.

Players who would prefer to not just rob all of the villagers they come across blind, can also find emeralds from various other structures. These structures include desert temples, end cities, igloos, jungle temples, underwater ruins, shipwrecks (Jave Edition), and more.

Vindicators and evokers, commonly found in woodland mansions, also have a fairly high chance to drop emeralds when slain.

Players can also just jump right into villager trading to get their hands on those first few precious emeralds.

Using Emeralds to Trade with Villagers

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The main uses for emeralds in Minecraft is for trading with villagers. Players can trade with any villager who has a current profession and the wandering trader.

Each villager will have different types of items to trade depending on their profession. For example, a farmer will buy produce such as apples, and then sell finished goods such as bread and cakes.

Villagers have five career levels that they can advance up the ranks of. Each villager will start as "novice" level, and will gain experience every time a player successfully trades with them. As villagers level up, better goods become available for trade.

In order to turn a profit, players should be aware of the three main economic factors that will cause prices to fluctuate. If player buys out an item from a villager, it will cost more the next time it is resupplied. This is basic form of supply and demand in the game.

The other two factors are based on actions by the player. When the Hero of the Village status effect is active, players will receive a substantial discount depending on the level of the effect.

Also, players can receive personal discounts or experience higher prices depending on their reputation. Discounts are received by positive actions, such as curing zombie villagers. Higher prices come from negative reputation that was gathered by attacking or killing villagers.

The idea with villager trading is to buy low, and sell high. This will allow players to gather a hefty amount of emeralds in order to easily buy big ticket items such as the enchanted diamond armor.

Note: Emeralds can be used to select powers from a beacon, but it makes more sense to use less valuable items such as iron or gold ingots instead.