The Wandering Trader: Minecraft's legendary salesman

The Wandering Trader in a village square in Minecraft. (Image via
The Wandering Trader in a village square in Minecraft. (Image via
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The Wandering Trader in Minecraft is a mysterious salesman who can be found randomly throughout the game world.

When players are out exploring the biomes of Minecraft, they have a chance to run into a very special and mysterious passive mob known as the Wandering Trader.

This fellow shares a similar appearance to villager mobs but is garbed in his own unique blue and gold robe.

Minecraft players who locate this traveling salesman can exchange their precious emeralds for various exotic and difficult to obtain items.

Buying items from the Wandering Trader is usually a much safer way to acquire these items than the other in-game alternatives.

This article breaks down everything known about the Wandering Trader in Minecraft and discusses the items purchased from him.

The Wandering Trader: Minecraft's legendary salesman


The Wandering Trader may be a very useful mob in Minecraft but can be difficult to track down. This salesman can spawn at any random location throughout a player's world.

This means that players may find the Wandering Trader at opportune and inopportune times. At the end of the day, it simply comes down to a bit of luck. The Wandering Trader lives a full life, according to the lore.

The trader's idea was based on the merchants that can be found in other RPG games. There always seems to be a merchant that players can access to buy potions or equipment when they need it.

Steve Enos, one of the game designers for Minecraft, explained the Wandering Trader intends to function differently.

Instead of the merchant always being in the best location for the player's needs, the Wandering Trader will be found at a moment and location that is completely random.

Only a single trader will naturally spawn within loaded chunks at any given time. After 2400 ticks, or 20 real-life minutes, Minecraft will attempt to spawn a Wandering Trader is loaded chunks.

If no Wandering Trader is spawned, the game will attempt to spawn the trader again after another full in-game day has passed. On average, it can take up to 10 full Minecraft days for players to really come in contact with a Wandering Trader.

However, once players have found the Wandering Trader, they will be able to buy a collection of six different random items. Unfortunately, new trades are not unlocked after a trade has been completed.

Two leashed trader llamas typically accompany wandering Traders.

The trading table for the Wandering Trader in Minecraft. (Image via u/MissLauralot/
The trading table for the Wandering Trader in Minecraft. (Image via u/MissLauralot/

Many Wandering Trader items are either difficult to obtain or require players to otherwise find them out in the world.

For example, the Wandering Trader allows players to get Blue Ice, even if there is no iceberg or frozen ocean biome nearby.

Players can also get seeds and saplings that can be used to create a renewable source of those items.

To avoid being killed, the trader will drink a potion of invisibility during dusk. This special traveling salesman will also actively avoid zombies, villager mobs, and vexes.

If a hostile mob ever hurts a trader, they will also consume a potion of invisibility and attempt to flee.

Minecraft players who are sinister and quick may obtain a potion of invisibility or a milk bucket by killing a Wandering Trader while they are holding it.

The drop rate is not guaranteed ant the trader's llamas will retaliate and attack the Minecraft player for harming their owner.

Overall, purchasing items from a trader is a great way for Minecraft players to get their hands on rare and exotic items.

Instead of Minecraft players needing to risk their necks in dangerous situations to get certain items, they can buy them from the Wandering Trader.

However, this is easier said than done, as finding the Wandering Trader is an elite task in and of itself.

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