Top 3 uses of grindstone in Minecraft

(Image via mineguides)
(Image via mineguides)

Grindstone is a Minecraft block players can commonly find inside villages. Grindstone blocks are primarily for items and tools in Minecraft and are considered a weaponsmiths job site block!

Grindstones can be mined using any rarity pickaxe, however, if it is not mined with a pickaxe it will just break and nothing will drop from it. Players can make grindstone by just using common material found around the Minecraft world.

Grindstone is crafted out of a stone slab, two wooden planks, and two sticks. Players can find all these materials easily around the Minecraft world, and stone slabs can be simply crafted using a stonecutter.

In this article, players will learn the top 3 uses of grindstone in Minecraft!

3 uses for grindstone in Minecraft

Repairing items

(Image via minecraftstation)
(Image via minecraftstation)

Grindstones can be used to repair tools and weapons in Minecraft. Players can place two of the same kind of item inside of the input slots to merge them together and create a repaired version of the two items, but the durability will be equal to the sum of the two durabilities in the input slots combined plus an additional 5%.

For example, if a player were to merge an ax with 67% durability, and an ax with only 13% then the aaxwill only come out with an 85% durability. Players can repair just about any weapon using a grindstone, and they are really easy to craft and fine around the world in Minecraft.

Players can most likely go into a village and just find a grindstone inside one of the village houses.

Removing enchantments

(image via Minecraft Fandom)
(image via Minecraft Fandom)

Grindstones can also remove enchantments in Minecraft. If a player enters a non enchanted item as an input and an enchanted item as the second input, then the output will come out as non enchanted.

If a player wants to repair a weapon without removing the enchantment, then the player will need to use an anvil, but if the player wants to remove the enchantments and also repair the weapon, the player can use the grindstone.

Experience levels

(Experience via Minecraft Fandom)
(Experience via Minecraft Fandom)

When players remove enchantments off of weapons, the experience levels that were spent on the enchantment will be returned to the player.

If a player accidentally enchants a weapon or applies an enchantment onto a weapon, then gets a stronger one later, but does not have the resources to create another weapon then this can be very useful.

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