Top 3 ways to get ender pearls in Minecraft

Ender pearl (Image via Mojang)
Ender pearl (Image via Mojang)

Ender pearls have been in Minecraft since its official release. They are one of the few items necessary to beat Minecraft. Players need ender pearls to craft the eyes of ender required for activating the portal to the End dimension.

Because of its value in completing Minecraft, developers have made ender pearls pretty rare. Other than activating the End portal, ender pearls are also used for traveling, creating teleporters, and spawning endermites.

Players can find ender pearls by looting chests in strongholds, but it's not an efficient or renewable source. This article lists three different ways to get ender pearls in Minecraft.

How to get ender pearls in Minecraft

3) Villager trading

Cleric with his friends (Image via Mojang)
Cleric with his friends (Image via Mojang)

Thanks to the villager trading buff in the 1.14 Village & Pillage update, players can get a wide variety of items just by trading with villagers. Players can also get ender pearls by trading with clerics in Minecraft.

In Bedrock Edition, expert-level clerics always have ender pearl trades, whereas, in Java Edition, an expert-level cleric has a 2/3 chance of having ender pearl trade. Both of them sell one ender pearl for six emeralds.

Players can reduce the price by zombifying the cleric and curing it with a potion of weakness and a golden apple. After getting cured, clerics will sell an ender pearl for one emerald. At a time, one cleric can sell 12 ender pearls before locking the trade.

2) Bartering with piglins

Last year's Nether update introduced piglins to Minecraft. They became a game-changing mob for speedrunners. Players can give piglins gold ingots, and in return, they can provide many items, including ender pearls. They have a 2.18% chance to barter ender pearls.

A 2.18% chance is pretty low, but players can get infinite ender pearls and many other useful items with an automatic gold farm. Speedrunners use gold blocks found in bastion remnants to barter with piglins and get ender pearls.

1) Endermen

Killing endermen is the best way to get ender pearls in Minecraft. An enderman has a 50% chance to drop one ender pearl. Players can use a looting sword to get up to four ender pearls from one enderman.

Endermen can be found in all three Minecraft dimensions. The Overworld is not the right place to find endermen since they are rare in this dimension. Endermen spawn frequently in warped forests in the Nether realm.

The best place to find endermen is their home, the End dimension. After beating the Ender dragon, players can build an endermen farm to get tons of ender pearls and XP quickly.

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