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4 best enchantments in Minecraft (2021)

It's looking at me again... (Image via Minecraft)
Joe Greene
Modified 15 Feb 2021

Minecraft enchantments provide a buff to armor, weapons, and tools. They range from increasing the amount of loot gained from mining, to even giving the player the ability to breathe underwater.

Enchantments are necessary for many reasons. If the player is planning on taking on the Ender Dragon, or is interested in PvP, they will need Enchantments to stand a chance.

Players will not always get the Enchantment they want, so they must have sufficient Lapis.

4 best Enchantments in Minecraft (2021)

#4 - Sharpness

Shiny! (Image via Minecraft)
Shiny! (Image via Minecraft)

If the players like violence, Sharpening will be their Enchantment of choice.

Sharpness increases damage for Melee weapons, which is extremely useful if the player needs to kill things.

Sharpness has a level range of one through five (I-V) and does more damage the higher the level increases.


Players are fortunate if they find Sharpening V on their Enchanting Table.

#3 - Feather Falling

I believe I can fly! (Image via Minecraft)
I believe I can fly! (Image via Minecraft)

Feather Falling Enchantment will save the player a lot of struggles in Minecraft.

This can only be applied to boots, and will prevent the player from taking a lot of Fall Damage. It will also provide the player with a glide to masterfully maneuver to the nearest edge for safety.

If one wants to face the Ender Dragon, Feather Falling is essential.

#2 - Protection

Protect thyself, before thy wreck thyself (Image via Minecraft)
Protect thyself, before thy wreck thyself (Image via Minecraft)

All Minecraft players should have at least one Protection Enchanted Armor piece on at all times. Protection reduces all damage by 4%, and as the player increases its level (I-IV), it will move up to 5%. This Enchantment can be applied to all pieces of Armor.

Protection is necessary in competitive PvP, and also for Minecraft's handful of bosses.

1 - Mending

Mendy Wendy (Image via Minecraft)
Mendy Wendy (Image via Minecraft)

Mending is by far the best Enchantment in Minecraft. Mending allows the player to repair their tools with XP. If the player walks over an XP orb, while the Mending item is in their hotbar, it will slowly improve the XP acquired.

It can be applied to any tool, weapon or armor piece. It is instrumental when paired with a Bow with the Infinite Enchantment. This results in an indestructible bow.

While it is the best Enchantment, it is also the most rare.

Since Mending is only found in treasure chests, fishing, trading, or raids, most players will rarely encounter one unless they are specifically looking for it.

Published 13 Feb 2021, 12:39 IST
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