Top 5 biomes expected to arrive in future Minecraft updates

Future biomes (Image via Mojang)
Future biomes (Image via Mojang)
Manish Kumar Choudhary

All members of the community are highly awaiting Minecraft updates. Mojang brings a fascinating major update to their phenomenal sandbox title every year. All updates introduce new blocks, mobs, biomes, and more.

Biomes are some of the most anticipated features in every update since they come with new mobs and blocks. After overhauling the Nether realm with the 1.16 update, Mojang has set its eyes on the Overworld.

In the most recent two-part Caves & Cliffs update, developers brought massive additions like cave biomes to the Overworld. Based on Minecraft Live 2021, future updates will also focus on Overworld and add many new biomes.

Future Minecraft updates will feature these 5 biomes

5) New badlands


At Minecon Live 2019, Mojang held a biome vote to decide which biome should be updated in the next update. Players were given three great options: badlands, swamps, and mountains.

Though badlands and swamps lost the vote, developers confirmed that these biomes would receive updates in the future. The 1.19 update may add a new variant of badlands featuring tumbleweeds, vultures, and flowering cacti.

4) Improved savannas


At Minecon Earther 2019, players got to choose between desert, taiga, and savanna. Taiga became the winner by defeating both desert and savanna. The upcoming 1.19 update might add anticipated savanna biomes featuring baobabs, termites, and ostriches.

3) Improved birch forests

Birch forest concept art (Image via Mojang)
Birch forest concept art (Image via Mojang)

At Minecraft Live 2021, Mojang shared an intriguing artwork featuring improved and beautiful birch forests. The drawing featured Steve and Alex exploring a birch forest filled with flowers and tall trees.

There is no official information available on these sneaky birch forests. However, players are already expecting to see some level of birch revamp in The Wild Update.

2) Mangrove swamps

Mangrove swamps (Image via Mojang)
Mangrove swamps (Image via Mojang)

Swamp was the loser of the biome vote held during Minecon Live 2019. Many Minecraft players were deeply saddened to watch frogs and mangroves go away. However, The Wild Update is adding a new variant of the swamp called mangrove swamps along with frogs.

1) Deep dark caves

We couldn’t resist giving you another look at the Deep Dark together with some new unseen features!↣

Deep dark caves were supposed to come with Caves & Cliffs Part II update. Unfortunately, developers had to delay it further to make sure this spooky biome turned out to be perfect. Deep dark caves will release as a part of The Wild Update in 2022.

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