Top 5 enchantments for crossbows in Minecraft

Pillager facing crossbow (Image via TheMarketActivity)
Pillager facing crossbow (Image via TheMarketActivity)

In Minecraft, players can use various weapons to attack and protect themselves from dangers. They can use melee weapons to deal massive amounts of damage to close enemies or use ranged weapons to take care of monsters from a safe distance.

Crossbows are among the best ranged weapons in Minecraft. It is an easy-to-craft weapon used mainly by pillagers. Players can craft a crossbow using three sticks, one iron ingot, two strings, and a tripwire hook. While they take longer to load than bows, crossbows deal more damage.

Like every other weapon, any player can improve the crossbow's power and utility by enchanting it. Here are some fantastic enchantments that every crossbow needs in Minecraft.

Enchantments for crossbows in Minecraft

#5 - Unbreaking III

Unbreaking is a must-have enchantment for all tools, armors, and weapons. With this enchantment, players will be able to use their gears for a longer time. In Minecraft, every weapon, armor, and tool has a certain amount of durability points. Unbreaking enchantment reduces the chances of a durability point getting used up when a player uses their gear.

#4 - Mending

Like unbreaking, mending is also a necessary enchantment for all applicable items. Using mending, players can automatically repair all of their tools, armors, and weapons. Things enchanted with mending consume experience points to restore durability points.

#3 - Quick charge III

Quick charge (Image via Minecraft)
Quick charge (Image via Minecraft)

When using a crossbow for the first time, players can easily feel how long it takes to load ammunition into the crossbow. With quick charge enchantment, players can load arrows/rockets in crossbows quickly.

Crossbows enchanted with quick change III can load ammunition in 0.5 seconds.

#2 - Multishot

Multishot is fun and straightforward to use as an enchantment for crossbows. With this enchantment, players can shoot three arrows or rockets at the cost of one. It is similar to the infinity enchantment available for bows in Minecraft.

However, players will still have to carry lots of arrows or fireworks with them.

#1 - Piercing IV

Piercing IV enchantment (Image via Game Specifications)
Piercing IV enchantment (Image via Game Specifications)

Piercing is one of the most powerful enchantments in Minecraft. As obvious from its name, players can pierce through mobs using piercing enchanted crossbows. Depending on its level, they can pierce through more than one mob.

Sadly, this enchantment is not suitable with multishot.

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