Top 5 essential things every survival base needs in Minecraft

Image via Reddit
Image via Reddit
Jourdyn Riley

In Minecraft, there are plenty of things that are vital in order to survive, and one of those things is a base. Minecraft bases can range from small and simple to huge and intricate, which makes Minecraft all the more fun.

However, players also need to be aware of what they should be putting in their bases. There are a few very essential items that players need both to survive and progress through the game.

Listed below are the top 5 most essential things every Minecraft base needs.

Essential Survival Base Needs in Minecraft

5) Crop Farms

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Crop farms are something lots of players have in or around their bases. Crop farms can be really simple and small, and have things such as wheat, carrots, potatoes, and much more.

Lots of players have small wheat farms, as wheat is very easy to obtain and players are able to make lots of bread. It is also useful to have in or around your base as an infinite food source!

4) Storage Area

Image via Reddit
Image via Reddit

In Minecraft, storing material is vital, as it despawns when placed on the ground for too long. Most players have a room dedicated to a storage area, where they might have dozens of chests, usually organized by material, or not organized at all.

Having a storage area is great for remembering where certain items are as well as making it easy to stockpile on items and things such as food!

3) Smelting Area

Image via Reddit
Image via Reddit

Furnaces are vital in Minecraft, as they are used to cook food or smelting ores in order to get more materials. Lots of players make an area dedicated to furnaces, often having at least two in the room to make smelting more efficient.

Some players also tend to create a smelting 'area', where they store raw ore that needs to be smelted, or even food.

2) Crafting Area

Image via FanPop
Image via FanPop

Crafting benches are also a necessity in Minecraft. Players should always have at least one in their base for ease of access.

Lots of players might even make crafting rooms, where it's crafting based, meaning a crafting table (or two) followed by chests that are filled with crafting material, that way things are easy to locate when trying to craft specific items.

1) Beds

Image via Reddit
Image via Reddit

Beds could be considered one of the most important items in a Minecraft survival world. Without beds, Minecraft players would spawn at the world spawning point, which could be thousands of blocks away from their actual base.

So, having a bed (or multiple) in a base is very ideal, that way players never spawn far away from home. Beds are also useful, of course, for players to skip through the night if they wish to do so.

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